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The Way of Kings - Stormbless

By krhart
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Stormblessed - my version of a dream sequence of sorts from Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings from main character Kaladin.

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Incredible peice! Seriously really helps reflect the terror that would be to meet the Stormfather...

I am doing a series on YouTube about the works of Brandon Sanderson. I spoke with him (Brandon) and we put this idea together to make a series. I am looking to feature art in the video but I won't without the artists permission and a good way to link viewers back to the creator. Would you have any issues with me featuring your amazing art in a future video?

Thank you for making this as well as the other pieces in your collection. Thank you for reading this. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Hi Jorden!

No go ahead. That sounds awesome actually. I'd like to see it also. =) Let me know if you need anything else.
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So I finally released the First Episode of "Letters From the Cosmere" and you can see how it turned out here:

Now I haven't used your art yet, but I know I will be needing it for the second episode, which I am making right now. Thank you so much for sharing your work and I hope I can send some traffic your way because of this. It has already been my most successful video yet. (Not much for a new YouTuber, but I know it only goes up from here.) I hope you like it, and continue wanting to share your amazing talent in future videos. If you have any thoughts about what I could do better next time please let me know.

Hope you are doing well,

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Here is Episode 2 of "Letters from the Cosmere" I actually feature this work very prominently because the Stormfather has a good feel for the topic. I hope you like it! Thank you so much for your support!
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Stormfather looking like bumblysnatch cabbagepatch lol LOVE THIS ART
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This is incredible! Perfectly matches my imagination of the scene. I'd love to use it as my desktop wallpaper.. is there any possibility of you uploading or sending me a higher resolution? Thanks in advance, and again.. wonderful work!
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This is outstanding - and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your vision
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Incredible! What a great representation of Kaladin's vision!
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Great work man.... Do you sell any of your pieces? I would love one of these. Message me on how I can get one.
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Do you mind if I repost this to another forum? Cause I am playing a quest (a from of RP that where a single character is controlled by a bunch and what they do is determined by votes). One of the pontenially new names for this character when he becomes a god is Stormfather.
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Go right ahead!
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Beautiful and epic - just what it should be!
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damn this would make a great cover!
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This is so spot on what my imagination conjures when I think of Kaladin, omg I cannot WAIT until the next book in the series
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Truly epic! Both barrels with composition and lighting! COOL BEANS!!
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i love it, but why do you not paint in a higher resolution?
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ahhhh I love Honer
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Amazing work! I love that book
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Reading this scene, I was never able to properly visualize it but now this is how it will always look to me, this is awesome!
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This is JUST as I imagind that scene!
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Wow, that's very atmospheric! :D
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