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Done late last year. Will do more of these.
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Maleficent the magnificent
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:) Wow, awesome! :iconkimberely:
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Gorgeously wicked!
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Wicked image and a lush Gallery! respect! :D
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Amazing art pic :D 
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This is awesome!
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Really awesome.
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She really does say evil, doesn't she?
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Really nice colors and angle ! Her crow is awesome too !
Wonderful. I love it
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My favorite Disney Villainess..and you have captured her to perfection!
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This is so amazing and wicked, I love Maleficent =)
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It's art like this that makes me like Disney villains even more.
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Damn, that ATTITUDE! Absolutely perfect! Very lovely, and I love how you added your own interpretation to her clothes, rather than just sticking with Disney's, which are rather simplistic. She's gorgeous.

(Costumer, sorry...I notice
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О_О amazing!
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