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The Failure Files : Part 4.

By krhainos
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Part of the result of the mudslinging between me and in one of my other submissions. -- QFT : "gehehehehe :3 i wanna see you do a 360 indy and land it with a tailpress o.o".

I just haven't gotten around to inking the first half yet -- As it wasn't specified, it will be a frontside indy 360. :D

Also, I don't really have a good title, so I'm just going to continue incrementing the number by 1.
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This is amazing! Love the point of view, the coloring, the snow effect, everything!
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WOW, amazing. Nice job!
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You're really making me want to hop on a board and shoot down the backside >.>

Keep it up plz.
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I still have yet to try boarding I WILL DO IT THIS YEAR I stinkin have a mountain in my backyard heck why have I not done this yet?

My buddy rob wants to fly from nor carolina to my town Bend Oregon to board. Hes never in his life and I havent skied in 7 some years since I wrecked my knee up- been too scared to go back..

but STINK this is awesome, how did I not see this one before? I love youre snow covering up the lower half, its got so much movement! How the heck is it you're commissioning me- you are so stinkin good, man. This is an awesome piece
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I'm sure if you go to a fairly nice place, the rental equipment will be a lot less rattier, and the instructors are probably better.

If anything, you'll ruin your wrists and tailbone before your knees.

I'd say this is one of my favorite pieces I've done of all time. I really enjoy doing the 'frozen motion' type compositions, and this is one of the few times it looked like everything went together as well as I'd imagine it would. I kept it in grays, since any attempt to color it ruined it. This has to be a way color this without fucking it up : which pretty much tells me I are the suck at color.

Which brings me to one of the reasons I commissioned you :D Your color work (as well as everything else, really) is very "painterly" and organic. Also what probably helps is that you use (or emulate) traditional media (watercolor it looks like?). In any case, I rather like your style so thus I'd like a piece done by you :D
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That’s a kick ass pose X3 Something far beyond what I can comprehend on drawing. The details nice to, tho my only grippe is that your nose is a lil’ to pointy :P Other than that great work. :)
krhainos's avatar
Yea, a lot of my renditions of him suffer from pointy-nose syndrome -- I'm not sure where it comes from either, since it definitely didn't stem from my SWAT Kats fanart days. The pose however, I'm willing to say is my best work thus far -- since it's one of the few where I pushed gesture beyond what typical anatomy would call for. I think I mentioned this earlier somewhere else too.

Don't worry; you'll figure it out eventually. Once you know the rules, you know how to break them.
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Ah yes, the Swat Kats X3. I recently watched some episodes of it on you tube. Never seen it before since I mostly grew up with the Zeta Project. The Swat Kats was a good show, sad it only lasted 2 years. The Zeta project had the same fate. Guess something good never last long it seems :P
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omg kill me! I haven't been looking at this for a long time D:
I'm like sooo sorry D:
sorrysorry :ohnoes:
krhainos's avatar
bahaha it's ok.
Leoparda's avatar
still, are you going to finish this... I dare ya ;D
krhainos's avatar
I will. Now I'm swamped with work *_*.
Leoparda's avatar
krhainos's avatar
I graduated; and now I have a normal day job >.>. Trying to get used it.
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owww, terror o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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Heh... it's definitely nice!!! ^w^
Especially the effect with the splash of snow!!!
The body gesture is just great too!!!
krhainos's avatar
:3 Thank you.

In this particular pic, the anatomy's off (more than it usually is :B), but that's deliberate -- My wanting to push that expression (gesture) that the figure was making was far greater than my willingness to keep the anatomy intact.

It works well, and I think I need to do it more often.
Ion-Gt's avatar
You're welcome!!! ^w^
Well... the defects are not that...

Yes... not seeing anything... not seeing anything!!! XD

Yeah... body in motion is really hard to capture...
As... you gotta...
Catch that instaneous flow... of... the...
Lines of the body!? =3
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Dood!! Im SOOO jealous I admit it
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Actually, out of all the things I drew -- this is probably the only one I could realistically pull off without any blood injuries or broken bones.
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I SO wish I could draw like that! One of the most awesomist pieces I have ever seen on dA!
krhainos's avatar
To be honest, it was one of the easier pieces to draw since it was : lineart, simple cel-shading, and then the "strong" sun added. Random snow added to really bring it togather.
JamesDalby's avatar
It's not how you made it, I'm more dazzled by what I'm seeing. The attention to detail, it's just triple brill!

As well as the pose, there's stuff like the wrinkles on the clothing, and how you got the lighting going on the character, so perfect! I suppose its down to practise ain't it?
krhainos's avatar
More or less. I'm still triyng to improve on clothing folds and various other things >.>
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