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Here is my first photomanipulation. I was writing about the subject of this image, but maybe could be more interesting to read thoughts of people after see it.

I was not sure about start to publish my works, so first one is for you Rowye. Thanks a lot for encouraging me :)

Stock Resources

Background: Premade Background 09 by mahdesigns-stock. (Deactivated account)

Mannikin: mani stock by destruct-stock.

Moon: Rough moon by CAStock.

Fountain: Water Fountain by Premier1er-Stock.

Flock of birds: Large Black Birds Circling Stock Photo - mix - PNG by annamae22.

Cube: Used Photoshop 3D tool to render it.

Thanks to all stock providers.

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended & a crappy mouse.
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This a great start and technique 
Krevs's avatar
Thanks a lot for your words, i feel honored.

And thanks for the watch and faves as well!
Notvitruvian's avatar
Most welcome ... carry on the good work !!:)
Krevs's avatar
Very thanks! :)
Censored-Girl's avatar
Good job for your first manip! :clap: Perhaps you could extend the ropes on the three moons that are further away. To make them look like they are further away you can slightly erase them. At this moment they look like they just float from mid air. You could use a different texture to blend the floor and background, because right now the foggy part is something between a mist and a wall - it's almost too sharply blended to be a natural mist, but it's not a straight line to indicate a wall.
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Thanks, i guess is not bad for my first time hehe But now i'm
looking the manip and can see all you told me in the comment.

Also the perspective should be fixed, i feel something is wrong
with it. That you meant about the fog/wall is truth, but is hard to fix.
I used a premade bg, so there is no option to blend the floor, the sky
and the texture. The fix could be create an extension on flor and blend
it with the mist. honestly i think the manip should be redo, but now i'm
more interested on do new things :D
annamae22's avatar
cool image, thanks for using my stock Heart 
Krevs's avatar
Thanks to you for the stock!

You are welcome :)
MissGrib's avatar
Great surreal work, love it ^^
Krevs's avatar
Thanks a lot i'm glad you liked it! Your works are really awesome and you liked first manip i ever did, that means a lot to me :)
LanaTustich's avatar
wonderful work! Heart 
Krevs's avatar
Your words mean a lot to me, your works are really good :)
Premier1er-Stock's avatar
I've never been more happy that someone used my stock.
Krevs's avatar
Your words mean so much to me.
Thanks a lot for it and the add in your collection! :)
KarmeticPeace's avatar
sweet! and thank for the love buds...sorry I took so log, was backlogged :D welcome to DA!
Krevs's avatar
Haha don't worry, there is no reason to say sorry. Thanks to you for welcome :D
KarmeticPeace's avatar
I just try to get to watchers as fast as possible, you know but yeah :D :dance: =P 
Rowye's avatar
Aww thanks a lot. Good work of course, keep doing it!
Krevs's avatar
Thanks to you, you know why :)
DeusJet's avatar
Ah ah gawd. Me like. The feeling is strong in this one!
Krevs's avatar
Thanks a lot, i'm glad you like it :)
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