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Artwork done for online magazine "Herald of Azeroth"
P.S. I am satisfied with the original.

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Shortest expansion ever

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HELL YES, F**K YOU Sylvanas, can't wait for her to die in Shadowlands and I hope Tyrande or Bolvar are the ones that end her.

Also SUPER hyped for the Jailer as the Final Boss, because he looks far more badass and powerful then Sylvanas would ever be.

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Shitvanas, bitch queen of the new scourge. Turns out undead are eviler when they have free will, as expected from fel magic.

Garithos should had killed her, why he trusted an undead elf? Blizzard righting, no logic or reason.

Didnt the bitch even suicided twice?

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So true and it felt REALLY good that Zovaal handed her ass when got his armor back.

Speaking of, I get major Morgoth and Sauron vibes with Zovaal and the Lich King too

Oh yeah, WTF was Thrall thinking making her lead the Horde.

Jailer Zovaal !


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what do you use Amina under the name at WOW, like Kunica ??

Damn. I hate to be that guy but.

Sylvanas man.

You doin' squats hon?

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Even without Frostmourne - Bolvar is a kinda unique Being himself at this Point - plus he has the Helm/Crown of Domination which gives him the Lichkings/Nerzul's Wisdom and Power.

Even with Sylvanas winning, the Fight should have been more difficult for her. I mean "GENN" could whack her once in Stormheim - but the "Lichking" can't? ^^

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Fight made no sense at all. Bolvar could have just deathgripped sylvanas off the edge and the fight is over in 2 seconds.

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I'd have loved this lol. I'm not even particularly against Sylvanas, i still like her edgyness and all that, but oh my did it sting to see the lich king out of all people fall so seemingly effortlessly to her without having been given much context for her crazy powers in game beforehand.

This...this feels right. To me the Lich King, be it Bolvar or Arthas, is still the most badass position a character can have in wow, and damn right i wanna see him beat ass. Thanks for illustrating what i do often wish would have happened :D It's an incredible piece.

I mean I could still accept her winning but not by utterly stomping the lich king out like that bull shit...hell a stalemate would have been awesome

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Wish that happened
Better than the crap fight we got in game..
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THIS IS, hogy Bolvar has to kick this bitch's ass!
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she's the only character i hate, she ruined everything. hail the lich king!

Lich king 1Lich king 2
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AKA how it should've been if Blizzard's story writing made any resemblance of sense.
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In your dreams, soyboys.
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Stop simping, please ;) :XD:

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Incredible Artwork, your very talented.

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If only... SOMEONE needs to kill this wench. BUT ANYWAY, great great job! <3 Astonishing details.
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Eh, once Shadowlands hits the shelves we'll get that chance.

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