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Hey, gang.  Just plugging this open commission call for specialty icons benefiting animated film and illustration.  This month, our icons series begins with the "Golden Book" art style (simply put, outline-free). Here's some examples:

Kiki the Lemur

Karpour the Kangaroo

I have 19 slots left in reserve.  If anyone is interested, note me as soon as you can.  Here's a special thanks to those who've made a donation so far.

1) ott-kun (done)
2) ott-kun (done)
3) Atkelar (done)
4) Bernard Roofus (done)
5) spatsbear (done)
6) spatsbear (done)
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Haha, if I saw this just a few days earlier I'd have gone for it...blast.
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Don't worry. We'll be here a while. :-/
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commission ? what u charge?
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For this one? Name your own. It's for a noble cause. :-)