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Lord Of Thorns [Finished]

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Black and White/Sketch version can be found elsewhere on my gallery. If you'd like to know more about my character, Ven Versonii, you can find his bio here. I warn you though, it is fairly lengthy!

"In many a culture there are references to The Lord of Thorns, The King of the Red Rose, and his brother, the snowy white owl, who herds the North Winds. A great hawk is he, this Lord of the Thorns, with a beak like polished jet, and talons like sabers. Some say he harbors the summer winds with his vast wings, warming the world with powerful beats, or else, burning it. He is a creature of both wonder and infamy, where ever I have found mention of him.

There is so little left though. I have combed through every rotting manuscript I could find, and crept through every dark tomb and cairn available to me, but I still know so little. Who was he, this man who becomes bird? A legend, mere myth, or something more? They say in every story resides a grain of truth.

Tomorrow I go to meet a man who claims to know of our mysterious Lord, and what's more, claims to know the were abouts of the Master of Summer's tomb! Meridian, he calls himself. I must go, no matter the price. Should there be a chance that he speaks the truth..."
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Wow! You've come such a long way. I can honestly say that both versions are fantastic!
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And now it is done! This came out very cool!
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