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Sorry if I've been away guys. I've been getting ready to leave for the States. Packing my stuff and saying my goodbyes. It's kinda funny really. Just a few months ago, I was so damn excited to leave. Now I'm freakin scared. Didn't realize how hard this is. I mean I knew it was going to be difficult but I didn't realize how heart-wrenching this would feel.

Maybe because, most of my family and friends lives here in the Philippines. Maybe because I grew up here and have gotten used to it. I guess this is normal. Leaving everything that I've ever known and loved to a place I'm not familiar with. Though I was born in the states, I spent most of my life here in the Philippines.

I'm really going to miss it... and this DAMN SONG ISN'T REALLY HELPING! *brother is playing Nickelback - Photograph* Oh well I might meet some fine bronies there. I heard MLP is pretty popular over there.

I could stay... but I will never grow as a person if I stay here. I need to find my own way in life and I can't do that here. I want to make a name for myself! I guess the most important decisions are always the hardest ones to make. After all, I'm heading to the US to find a new career and a new direction for myself.

I took a trip down memory lane when I walked around to the neighborhood I grew up in one last time. Looking at the old house my family lived in, brought a tear to my eye. Every memory came rushing back to me. The good and the bad. I also took the time to spend time with my brothers and friends for a little Halo Reach! It was awesome! I'm really going to miss that! My dad also gave some good old fatherly advice. Wish we did that a long time ago. How come the only time you realize what you missed and what you have is when you're going to leave it? Stupid emotions!

Well its not like I'm not going to see them again. Its just that I won't be seeing them for a LOOOONG time. I'm not a very chatty person online and I'm usually distracted by work mostly. I hope to change that when I'm there. (I'll also still be in DA from time to time)

I have no idea why I wrote this now. Maybe because I wanted to get my thoughts out. It's been really bugging me. I had one hell of a ride. And its just going to get better! I just want to thank all my family and friends who supported me and molded me to the person I've become. I promise not disappoint them.

Now I'm about to embark on a new adventure in life.

I have no idea where life is taking me, but I'm ready to face it head on.
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It seems there has been alot of buzz about Derpy being "fixed". I saw the New version of Derpy in "The Last Round-Up" and I do admit it didn't settle well with me. I still enjoyed the original. I didn't like the reason why they had her change. It didn't seem at all offensive in my opinion. When I first saw the scene in the animatic, I literally burst with joy. But I had a feeling that it might not settle with some fans and some people. Especially since people already have their own version of Derpy and people might get the wrong idea of her character.

Its not often that cartoons show fan content. Cause sometimes when you include Fan content, it usually can result to something negative (to fans or to others). And sometimes it also endangers the identity/essence of the show. Or if people like it, they will probably expect a lot more.To the point they might expect TOO much. So you could imagine my surprise when they decided to name Derpy and give her a voice.

Derpy has became more than just some fancy Easter egg in the show. She's became an Icon, a symbol to the fans of MLP:FIM. Though Derpy was created in a studio, her character was created by the fans.  You can probably say that she represents all Bronies everywhere. Fans have enjoyed Derpy whenever they see her in the background until the point when she talked. The entire studio loves her as well. I was there in one of those Livestream chatrooms when people first heard her talk. It was quite entertaining how happy people were. So its no surprise to see people get really upset by this.

In a way, I understand why majority of fans are upset but blaming, pointing fingers and throwing hate around is not the way to do this. You're forgetting your own motto "Love and Tolerance". You bronies are one of inspiration and our greatest achievement. Don't sully your name by spreading Hate and intolerance. Remember, Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. If you are upset with something, display it in a more positive way. You'll get your message across much better than lashing it out with hate. Show some respect. Show some humility.

Oh I also want to address on a artist name Yamino. I've heard that she has been garnered a lot of hate by the Brony Community due to her not liking Derpy's portrayal. Let it be known, that she had NOTHING to do with the sudden change. She expressed an opinion on Derpy. That is all. She did not ask me to do this or anyone on the staff. I had to say this because the hate she's been receiving is unnecessary. So leave her be.

Also don't spam notes and messages to the people who work on the show. You're probably not going to get much out of it.

On the issue on Derpy whether she'll have the same Derp face expression and stuff. The show will still go on and I hope you will continue to support the show. Though Derpy is a great character, she is not essentially the reason why the show is awesome (though she is one of the Reasons). If Derpy never existed on that fateful scene in the first episode, would MLP be a bad show? Remember MLP is a great show because for what it is. I didn't know about Derpy until someone from the Studio pointed it out. I hope you'll still enjoy the show no matter what happens.

I hope this message will ease some of your minds. Thank you.
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By now you have already seen Episode 1 of season 2 of MLP. I sure hope you guys liked it so far cause there are still many more episodes on the way ^^

I know its been awhile since I last updated. Work in the office has kept me away from things like family, friends, girlfriend, videgames etc. Fortunately things are sorta slowing down so I might be able to update alot more . Its very hard to keep up a deadline in the animation business. The pressure... The stress... Ugh! However I might be transferred to a different show. I sure hope not. I love My Little Pony! Its not only a great show to watch but its a great show to animate as well.

But its all good. You guys have NO IDEA how much affect you guys have on the show and to us, the animators. We really thank you for all your appreciation and support. To tell you the truth, we don't always get to work on a show that garners such a HUGE fanbase. Its always fun to work on a show that you are a fan of especially when you're working with fellow bronies as well. Its such a privilege to be part of something big. I can't thank Lauren Faust enough for making us a part of this show.

Hope you guys like the new image I've made. Those are the models I'm planning to use for my game. Hopefully I'll get a demo up soon. Maybe within the next week unless of course Gears of War 3 will preoccupy my time.

Thanks everyone for faving my pics. I'm also loving all the fanwork. It's nice to see Twilight is still wearing a sweater vest and Fluttershy is wearing a sweater hahahaha!

Cya around everyone. Cheers!
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Well that's it. Season 1 of MLP: Friendship is Magic is finally over. I have to say its been a blast. It has to be one the best cartoons I had the pleasure of working on. And its even more great that many people enjoyed it. It makes the whole effort, worth it!

With Season 1 having such a great impact, I 'm sure people will be expecting ALOT more for season 2. I hope Season 2 will live up to everyone's expectations. I've already seen 7 episodes of Season 2 and I have to say its looking pretty good. I know its been confirmed by Lauren Faust and all but yes, Luna will be back especially Derpy (Who has now became an official Character here. I wouldn't  be surprised if she has her own character sheet/model with preset expressions). I've already seen the episode when Luna comes back and its pretty cool. Season 2 will introduce new characters and bring back some old familiar ones. I wish I could say more but I don't want to spoil too much.

I must say, one of the great benefits of being an animator to My Little Pony is that you get to see the entire season 2 before it even gets aired. Sure its just the still drawings of the animatic but who cares. I watch it for the plot ;)

Anyways about the My little Pony game I'm making. I have already done Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow Dash's model and am now giving them expressions and different outfits. I might post a few previews in my DA sooner or later. The new cartoon I'm working is really taking up my time to draw and do the game. Hopefully I'll be able to get some of it done and post at least the character models.

Well that's all folks. I'm glad you enjoyed My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as much as I enjoyed animating it.

Thank you for all your support, Bronies!
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Lots of projects this 2011. Many new cartoons to work on. That's okay. I love animating. Too bad I can't discuss that in detail. You know, contract and all. I'm pretty neutral about it but hey I get money out of it.

But you know what I love besides animating? Playing Videogames. This 2011 has the best line up of Games. More so than 2010. Crysis 2, Star Wars Old Republic, Diablo 3, Killzone 3 etc Looks like I'll be busy in my weekends as well ^^

For those of you who know Warhammer, I heard a new Tau Empire Codex might be coming this year. Rumors for now though I won't put my hopes up. Games-workshop is notorious for glacial release dates. My hobby store is also going to start a few events and tournaments this year both for Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. As a matter of fact, the Warhammer 40k Gladiator Tournament has began. Hopefully I'm going to do well this year.

WOW with all these activities lined up its going to be hard to work on my latest project. What is this project you say? Well I'll just let my latest submission speak for itself. It has been requested by a few of my friends in the studio for awhile now. I'm still going to work on the Background pony-to-human images. Just look out for that.

Oh I watched the 2011 Royal Rumble. Intense! Disappointed who won though. Was hoping Wade Barrett.

Anyways Cya!
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