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By now you have already seen Episode 1 of season 2 of MLP. I sure hope you guys liked it so far cause there are still many more episodes on the way ^^

I know its been awhile since I last updated. Work in the office has kept me away from things like family, friends, girlfriend, videgames etc. Fortunately things are sorta slowing down so I might be able to update alot more . Its very hard to keep up a deadline in the animation business. The pressure... The stress... Ugh! However I might be transferred to a different show. I sure hope not. I love My Little Pony! Its not only a great show to watch but its a great show to animate as well.

But its all good. You guys have NO IDEA how much affect you guys have on the show and to us, the animators. We really thank you for all your appreciation and support. To tell you the truth, we don't always get to work on a show that garners such a HUGE fanbase. Its always fun to work on a show that you are a fan of especially when you're working with fellow bronies as well. Its such a privilege to be part of something big. I can't thank Lauren Faust enough for making us a part of this show.

Hope you guys like the new image I've made. Those are the models I'm planning to use for my game. Hopefully I'll get a demo up soon. Maybe within the next week unless of course Gears of War 3 will preoccupy my time.

Thanks everyone for faving my pics. I'm also loving all the fanwork. It's nice to see Twilight is still wearing a sweater vest and Fluttershy is wearing a sweater hahahaha!

Cya around everyone. Cheers!
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Wai, wai, WHAAAAAAAAAA!? You... you... you actually work on the show!? OMMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!

I am so jealous! Thank you to you and everyone there for making a spectacular show, and for all of the amazing artwork here! As a new brony (and a follower of your site here) I just wanted to say how excellent everything was and to send more compliments your way!

Oh man... I still can't believe I'm actually talking to someone who WORKS ON THE SHOW!

I'm sorry... I'll shut up now. Please keep up the good work!
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i liked the two part episodes of season 2 but when celestia was going honor the main six i didn't see luna next to her. where was she? i've been waiting for season two to see if will be there but i didn't now my only question is where is luna now?
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Season 2 started, dang where have I been?
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OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH! Going to bed early tonight just so I can see the exciting conclusion! (if it is a conclusion. X3) Been soooooo long since I've cared about getting up for Saturday morning cartoons. ^_^
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I thought you weren't allowed to read fanfics, in case they "affected what you put into the show", or something along those lines.
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Ok... the SalvadorDali-Bunnies took it over the top for me...

Serious Celestia rocks.
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I do love the episode and it was thrilling at the same time. The flow went fine. Discord broke free to make chaos spread fast throughout Equestria. (Some don't know why) Discord has a nice attitude for the perfect character.

I wish good luck on your works and god luck on animating too. Don't forget all of you should have fun! A lot unexpected from the maze actually. Stay on the MLP team and the others also and keep tight.

Preferably, half of the fans were expecting Rainbow Dash to leave the game. Lots of Twists and turns, twists and turns.

I wish I was on the animating team too. I'm still in college in fact. XD Trying to do animation in the house. I get what you feel by animating so long. I feel I want a sub storyline during Discord's game in my own animation.

Anyways, your artworks always looks amazing. Every character looks good. Not much on the new Rarity though. Keep on working hard and never give up!

P.S.: :P As I said animating, I've been doing some artworks as well. Have fun now!
Loved the episode! ^^ Only complaints was that the phasing seemed to move a bit fast and Pinkie's hair didn't deflate when her mood changed. x3 But otherwise, awesomeness all the way! Discord has a genius character concept. :3

Wish you good luck with your work, hoping you get to stay onboard the MLP team! Though if getting transfered will give you some more time with your loved ones maybe that's for the best. It's so typical that there's never any middle ground, huh? xD But let's hope things work out favorably for you. :3

And yes, love your deviations. :3 Humanized Celestia is my fav! And really hope you get to finish that game, looks very interesting. ^^

And dear Celestia, lol, reading Cupcakes? I felt sick after reading half of it, where I stopped and never looked back.
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Oh man, I LOVED the new episode! I already can't wait for next weeks! You guys are incredible!
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The new episode is AMAZING!

Is a miss it's only 20 minute, but is exceptional: there is no minutes wasted, and the new villain is a really ba***** that really hurt our eroines like nothing had done until now.
A curiosity: had Lancie help define the personality of Discord? It seems that the character has been embraced around his interpretation of Q in Star Trek.

I really curious now why Celestia have lost her "connection" with the Elements: seem there is a more interesting story behind it, and I love to see how is goin on now the new stagion!

Keep up the good work! You make us bronies very proud to look that amazing show!
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I'm with you about de Lancie's portrayal of Discord - I kept expecting him to call Clelestia "Mon Capitan"!
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you work on FiM??
i didnt nlow that....

aniway, thanks you and all of your co-workers :D for doing such amazing show!

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"Reading: A fanfic called 'Cupcakes'"

oh boy
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I know right?? I almost spit my pop on my computer XDD
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Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that
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We really appreciate your hard work, and the quality of it really shines. Thanks!
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I loved it!!! So excited for the rest of the season!
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Now we just need Patrick Stewart and Mark Hammil to provide some guest voices, and then the show would be flawless.
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*grateful internet snuggle*

I'm so glad that Celestia acted the way she did throughout the episode. It reassured me that the show is on the right path. I was also anxious about the "villain", but the fun fact is that the visual novel I've been working on since about may is about a bit similar situation. I might have to modify some things regarding the background lore according to this season's canon extension, of course... But it's not much of a work, as I'm only slightly into the second chapter of the story, where things are getting stirred up real bad.

Until then, I enjoy the current plot and tale wagging (if you know what I meme). =P
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"ts very hard to keep up a deadline in the animation business. "
XD tell me about it >_<

"Its not only a great show to watch buts a great show to animate as well."
know the feeling XD not exactly an animator but its kinda fun to sketch the mane 6 from time to time

anyways great work just saw episode 1 of season 2...^_^ flash animation never looked so damn good ^^
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Dayum, to think all the work that goes into just one episode is amazing, I can really appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that go into it.
The new episode was absloutley remarkable!
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"Work in the office has kept me away from things like family, friends, girlfriend, videgames etc."

:lol: such wisdom!

when i first learned long ago that to animate means 'to give life' i never expected that it would be your own life that you give up :XD:
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Do animators still get to meet the cast? I was hoping you could say hi to John de Lancie for me *fanboy squee*

Keep up the awesomeness!
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