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It seems there has been alot of buzz about Derpy being "fixed". I saw the New version of Derpy in "The Last Round-Up" and I do admit it didn't settle well with me. I still enjoyed the original. I didn't like the reason why they had her change. It didn't seem at all offensive in my opinion. When I first saw the scene in the animatic, I literally burst with joy. But I had a feeling that it might not settle with some fans and some people. Especially since people already have their own version of Derpy and people might get the wrong idea of her character.

Its not often that cartoons show fan content. Cause sometimes when you include Fan content, it usually can result to something negative (to fans or to others). And sometimes it also endangers the identity/essence of the show. Or if people like it, they will probably expect a lot more.To the point they might expect TOO much. So you could imagine my surprise when they decided to name Derpy and give her a voice.

Derpy has became more than just some fancy Easter egg in the show. She's became an Icon, a symbol to the fans of MLP:FIM. Though Derpy was created in a studio, her character was created by the fans.  You can probably say that she represents all Bronies everywhere. Fans have enjoyed Derpy whenever they see her in the background until the point when she talked. The entire studio loves her as well. I was there in one of those Livestream chatrooms when people first heard her talk. It was quite entertaining how happy people were. So its no surprise to see people get really upset by this.

In a way, I understand why majority of fans are upset but blaming, pointing fingers and throwing hate around is not the way to do this. You're forgetting your own motto "Love and Tolerance". You bronies are one of inspiration and our greatest achievement. Don't sully your name by spreading Hate and intolerance. Remember, Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. If you are upset with something, display it in a more positive way. You'll get your message across much better than lashing it out with hate. Show some respect. Show some humility.

Oh I also want to address on a artist name Yamino. I've heard that she has been garnered a lot of hate by the Brony Community due to her not liking Derpy's portrayal. Let it be known, that she had NOTHING to do with the sudden change. She expressed an opinion on Derpy. That is all. She did not ask me to do this or anyone on the staff. I had to say this because the hate she's been receiving is unnecessary. So leave her be.

Also don't spam notes and messages to the people who work on the show. You're probably not going to get much out of it.

On the issue on Derpy whether she'll have the same Derp face expression and stuff. The show will still go on and I hope you will continue to support the show. Though Derpy is a great character, she is not essentially the reason why the show is awesome (though she is one of the Reasons). If Derpy never existed on that fateful scene in the first episode, would MLP be a bad show? Remember MLP is a great show because for what it is. I didn't know about Derpy until someone from the Studio pointed it out. I hope you'll still enjoy the show no matter what happens.

I hope this message will ease some of your minds. Thank you.
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I only learned about this now, and only learned about the year of the event when I was done writing this comment, so I don't know how current Derpy's ableist exclusion/normalization is.

The thing that made Derpy "sacred" on that show, is that she put a dent in the oblivious perfection of the cast of a show that claims to promote acceptance and being inclusive. Yet, all the characters are young, beautiful, healthy, and mentally sound, and live lives humans could only achieve if rich. Their only flaws are being too much of a cute thing: shy, cheerful, vain, or short-tempered. You don't need inclusivity, acceptance, and tolerance, when everyone fits the same privileged mold. Those ponies are like a happy version of Doctor Who's Daleks. Hive-minded lumps of perfection who were each slightly modified from the same template. That is never a good thing, but rather it is why we need movements like ADL, BLM or Bopo: the preference of "desirable" template demographics directly hurts those who don't fit that template. The depiction of "rich, healthy, sound-minded, (white), skinny, young, and beautiful" as "normal" needs to die, not be reinforced.

Basically, the show is a cotton candy version of your average american "rich white suburbians whose worst problem is a DUI, and whose laughter tunes out the struggles of the less privileged" TV show. And frankly, I find those shows disgusting. They pretend that the world is perfect because only "perfect" characters with asinine vices get a voice and the rest is either trash or not written onto screen. I don't know what's wholesome about carefully NOT showing characters who represent the real people who could use more "wholesome". Fat people, LGBTQ people, disabled people, mentally ill, poor, people of colour,... All those who need inclusion don't get it on MLP: FIM BECAUSE THEY DON'T EXIST IN THAT WORLD, because apparently, their existence would harm its perfection. In other words, there is something wrong with them as their inclusion is so easily yet obviously avoided. Your cast is like that grinning white family in new, expensive clothes in front of a big, expensive house, on a stock image site.

Yes, you want to show kids a perfect world. But wouldn't a modern perfect world be one where those who need acceptance the most, are unapologetically visible and loved? There are two ways to achieve a perfect world: by offering equality to the underprivileged and the oprressed and having a society of true equality and universal quality of life, kindness, and compassion for those who most need it... or by eliminating them so only happy, privileged people are left. The creators of MLP: FIM made their choice in this matter when they "normalized" Derpy, a choice that makes my fat, female, disabled, mentally ill, ex-poor, half-Arab, biracial, Jewish ass, that can't relate to any one character beyond "female", cringe. Think about it. I am all these things, and these things, things SO MANY are, are only represented in MLP by biological sex...

Rainbow Dash has become a bit of an LGBTQ character, but only because fans forgot that the LGBTQ community didn't invent rainbows.
That is all. That is all the diversity MLP: FIM has mustered. That is all MLP has done to show the audience those types of people who NEED that acceptance and inclusivity the show claims to promote. Give a pony a rainbow design so FANS can project LGBTQ representation onto her.

Then came Derpy. She looked and sounded like she was on the slightly handicapped. People loved her not only for being funny, but for being portrayed as a lovable character who matters, "despite" not being perfect like the rest of the cast. The show, and anything else that influences children, needs MORE of that, but they made it less/zero. This sent a message, and this message is why the creators are getting "hate": because the message of making Derpy "normal" is a message of hate in itself. It conveys that in order to continue having a role on the show, you must be as perfect as the others, with perhaps the endearing flaw of clumsiness remaining. You must be smart and symmetrical, not cross-eyed or otherwise facially impaired, and show no signs of mental development issues through slow/slurred speech. 
It's not ableist to have a funny disabled character as long as the "funny" part isn't scornful and the character is treated with love and respect. Some handicaps make you prone to "funny" moments, just as others make you more likely to frustrate people or yourself. That's a fact, not an "-ism".

My hopes for a fat pony that shows kids that you don't have to be skinny to be popular, just died along with your only subtly handicapped one.

TL;DR: portraying disability with the same humorous approach as the rest of the franchise, isn't ableist. What is ableist, is to remove the disability and "normalize" the character in order for it to remain acceptable. Representation matters. Derpy was representation.

/inb4 "don't make MLP political": allowing everyone to feel welcome in the world they're stuck in, should be a non-issue, not "political" and not "agenda". It should just be the state of affairs.
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I saw the 100th episode of mlp and it was focused on the main  background 6 witch includes derpy/ditzy , doctor whooves , Octavia , djpony/vinyl scratch , lyra and bonbon and it was so 20% cooler
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I loved that episode, they did that one really special
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Now i just need them to take oc's
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They actually do have an OC in the show as a part of the Make a Wish foundation. If you watch the trading episode (whatever it's called) there's a pony with a wheel thing on is back hooves; and he's an OC, voiced by the person who made him.
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I consider her to be very cute and lovable anyways.
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Is it true Derpy was 100% removed from season 4?
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Oh, and to all thos epeople who still believe Ymaino had a valid point, let me show you here, right now, in her own words, how she's acepting that being so judmental on a fictional character or setting is complety wrong as such fictional setting does not mean or imply any people pretends to re-enact in real life such things. Yeah, you know? Like that gray pegasus cartoon she claimed it was highly offensve beyond conception, at the point of being entirely an ableist character, what are the friggin' odds?

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I'll just say I'm highly dissapointed with Hasbro and the crew who take the desition of censoring Derpy. It is quite sad that in the end they decided to please a bunch of White knight/moral fags like Yamino (you know, people in need of atention who want to make us believe "they care" by taking a senseless rage & anger filled with imature drama over a harmless cartoon that certanly ofended none and in the end making truly nothing in favour of the people they're so "concerned" about) instead of pleasing, I don't know... The fans? You know? The pople that support your show and are the main reason it's such a big hit?

What angers me most is that Yamino got this much attention (at the point of getting respone from official crew members from the show)when she truly deserved none, I bet in real life she doens't give a frigg about mentaly disabled people and her whole draa wa sjust the oportunity she took to take the stage and being the center of attention. I have friends and I know people who actually do stuff, like signin in organizations, donating, even offering their services & time asking nothing in return to help handicap kids and kids with cancer, you know? People who actually do help thes epeople instead of raging & whining on the internet over a cartoon that is hurting none.

From all the bad desitions Hasbro has made in regard to the show, censoring Derpy is by far the worst.
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I like how everyone is writing essays here and whining about political correctness

It's a TV show character people

You have 45 sad, 24 mad, and 24 love.
Of course, it's deviantArt.
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People who cried about Derpy were just looking for attention. :<
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:| What's next? Is Lemmy Koopa gonna look normal, without his trademark derpy-looking eyes? I wouldn't like that... I mean, Derpy is Derpy, same as Lemmy is Lemmy (just using him as another example of a face with those eyes). To all you who want to change Derpy and are against her looks, go ahead. Change her. Just dont remove her. But let me tell you haters this: Derpy is Derpy. Those who like how she looks, we will see her that way and continue to draw her (or animate her that way... if you do that) that way and such. We like her how she is. She has become an icon for Bronies, and that will stay like that. Go ahead, Haters, hate. We will still love our Derpy how she is.
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You're forgetting the simple fact that Derpy is not like Lemmy in any way. Lemmy is malicious and insane (Yes, insane, not "derp"). His "derpy" eyes are meant to make him look crazy, not... derpy.
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I was only comparing the eyes... Not the personalities...
The problem is this.


The face "shes" a supposed transgender who got adventure time wrtiers sacked for that one Lesbian moment doesn't help either.

Or that after the drama died down she immediately tried to pick a fight on her journal about season 3.
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And what's wrong with being transgendered?
Nothing, but if she deliberately caused the Adventure Time scandal then it would make her a hypocrite
I respect bronies more then bubbaline shippers
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I still don't understand what the big uproar was over Derpy. I've only know of MLP: FIM for a few months now and I love it. I was born with a messed up eye, a lazy eye, whatever you wanna call it, but so what? I can't change it and I'm not going to whine when shows make fun of my condition. Those who go so upset over Derpy clearly have self esteem issues. Or know someone who is challenged and ran to the rescue. Whatever the case may be, I honestly disagree with them doing this to Derpy. She's cute and funny and so adorable in her own quirky way. If cartoons can't accept her as she is... then what makes people think that human beings are going to accept others who are like her? Honestly, but changing or 'fixing' Derpy, you're pretty much telling your viewers that she was broken. Derpy wasn't broken. She didn't need to be fixed. She was perfect the way she is. I think people need to open their eyes and see that not everything related to the mentally challenged is hurtful. If you made a character with a lazy eye, I wouldn't think it was offensive. I'd laugh and giggle and be like "Aww, she's just like me." They might have 'fixed' Derpy in the shows, but I don't think she's going anywhere anytime soon. Please know that I'm not angry or upset. I'm simply expressing my opinion on this matter.
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