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Night and Day

Here is both Celestia's and Luna's pic together. Just to give a comparison and show off the Background. Will be moved to scraps later on. Cheers!

Luna, Celestia (C) Lauren Faust
Human Version, BG (C) Me
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i like luna better she is almost like me
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Hey- Luna should look a little NICER??? but its still SSOOOOO nice
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I do not think the blue and red outlines are necessary, they kind of take away from the picture.
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Yay, they look so evil!
The-Grey-Panther's avatar
Beautiful work!
I'm going to get my hair dyed and cut like Luna's! :3
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^^' They kind of look intimidating... ;///;
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Awesome love your style for the two princesses <3
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C: I'm bored...go worship me or something.

L: I am secretly plotting your demise...

Based on these, I like Luna best! :D
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You know, for sisters, they don't look alike...
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Love this on my calender on tf2 thanks for making pic and letting people make it a mod for tf2
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Lovely, both.
I love the tilt on Luna's tiara.
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Celestia skin is a bit pale like if she dint had enuff vitamin D's xD
maybe she should go outside the palace and get some of her own medicine =p
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Y'know, these 2 images actually look better side-by-side like this. :) Very good work on them, the backgrounds are exellently done, stylish, expressionistic, and fun to look at. I also like the stark contrasts between them like night & day.
Also great humanized Celestia & Luna designs. :) They both look quite pretty.
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Cannot understate the love for Luna in her throne room. I hope Luna comes back and stays just as creepy and badass as she was in the Nightmare Night episode.
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Well big surprise here. Celestia gives Luna the sucky, broken down throne room.
Gives her the broken down one, or Luna takes it? Going by what little we know of her, Luna loves things everybody else finds intimidating, creepy or just spooky (albeit Luna Eclipsed is a heck of an example bias, but still).

Seriously. "Why doth you all not enjoy the suddenly animate horde of spiders? Art they not delightful?"
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Luna kind of really got shafted in the throne room assignment.
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