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MLP Rarity Human Version

Now for my favorite pony in MLP, Rarity. This is very popular in the office along with Pinkie pie. Its my favorite too even if I did wrong on her right arm a bit. Anyways you know the drill

Rarity (C) Lauren Faust
Human version (C) Me
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DaSlickstanator's avatar
Fine piece of work!
artwarrior1985's avatar
Hot Rarity! Love Love Love Love 
dth1971's avatar
She's pretending she's a working girl in the business world. Try to make the office boss happy (not unlike the long running Dagwood/Mr. Dithers situations in the long running Blondie comic strip).
Wael-sa's avatar
Human Rarity is pretty, enough said.:D (Big Grin) 
gamergir8's avatar
Awesome! Mind if I use this in a video? I'll give you full credit and a link in the description! :D
xXArianaGrandeFanXx's avatar
Bullet; Pink I love her expression. Bullet; Red 
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
Rarity's fashion in this image is incredible.
EmmyMay00's avatar
Wow! Cool! How long did this take to make?
Botboy41's avatar
Very Nice Work, She Looks Smiply Gorgous (Hope I spelt that right)
cmsiew's avatar
I love Rarity's new outfit!
Roze3521's avatar
awesome!!! :) can you do Colagte next? please?
SkycatcherEquestria's avatar
You nailed it, wow.. even down the "flash"-esque background look from the show. The "brush strokes" are my favorite part of the overall "feel" of the piece.
Alaxr274's avatar
More pics of human Rarity please.
Star-Divine's avatar
Ca you make my OC humanized?
seniastardust's avatar
I feel like this is the most accurate human version of Rarity I've seen. Awesome job.
Ryanth3kill3r's avatar
me: *knocks on rarity room door*
2011anvil's avatar
will actually my fav is derpy hooves
ChuiKamashi's avatar
Awesome! I love Rarity. ^^
0drkshdw's avatar
ever since "suited for success", every time i play assassins creed and walk by a tailor i started to have curiosity as what she would do to ezio's robes if she saw them
fergabmmx's avatar
best i ve seen cuz many mistake
Elegance class and glamour by making her look a bit older
but u did awesome XD fav+
TotalDramaFan16's avatar
oh my god

Where is Twilight?
ZeroGZ's avatar
She's giving me the "look".
*Grabs a pack of cigarettes*
Ill be back in 2 hours.
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