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MLP Rainbow Dash Human Version

Not really my favorite character in MLP but I heard she's an remade character of the old MLP. She's more sporty than the old rainbow dash who was more into fashion (whats so Rainbow and Dash about that?). If you ask me, the current Rainbow fits her name perfectly

Rainbow Dash (C) Lauren Faust
Human Version (C) Me
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I really love the fact that her eyes are blue in this. It makes so much more sense knowing you were one of the animators in season 1. It's so great how you're following one of her first colour pallets
Her eyes weren't ALWAYS magenta, they were originally blue. So this artist isn't incorrect lmao
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This is great! Only problem is Dash's eyes are pink. But other than that, this is perfect!!

DrElectroBytemaxPhD's avatar
It made me remember about someone... Oh yeah, TF2 - Red Scout  <-----HIM
SparkyZX's avatar
Them eyes need to be purrrrple
Beeblur2332's avatar
But dem eyes be purple ;w:
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That's usually me when I get bored
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SO rainbow dash! Rainbow dash lick icon 
All the silly people complaining about her eyes being blue. Obviously, it's Doppler shift ^^
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Reminds me of my little sister, Energetic, headstrong, competitive and overall cute ( apart from annoying, unreasonable and always whining a lot like Rarity)
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Why are her eyes blue???
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why is Rainbow's eyes blue?
Eevee-Adopt-Mart's avatar
One error, blue eyes, not magenta
LoveCouplesForever's avatar
There an error in the picture, her eyes are blue?
Dr-GUNHaMMER's avatar
the pose reminds me of :iconscoutplz:.
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Rainbow Dash's eyes are magenta... .3.
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She looks awesome!
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i think she is listening to this:
cool image. =3
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Where is her cutie mark? And why is her eyes blue and not pink? xD
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