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MLP Human Version 2

My second version of the girls. Sorry if its late. Enjoy!

Edit: Fixed Rainbow dash's eyes. Thanks guys!
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I love Fluttershy and Rarirty's long skirt

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Twilight, Fluttershy, and Applejack look especially good! :D
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OMG, this is by far my favorite human MLP design! So much better than the 'short skirts and boots' approach of the EQG movies! :D
Can I have permission to use these designs in a story I am writing? I will give credit and everything. ^^
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Someone Stole your this art work: lunathehedgehog13.deviantart.c… 
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You should have been the illustrator for Equestria Girls.
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I think Rainbow Dash's hair would be shorter, but other than that nice job!
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DAT RAINBOWWWWWWWwWwwwwwwwwww *falls in trance* :iconawesomefaceprideplz:
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FINALLY rainbowdash's eye is the correct eye colour.
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I quite like the outfits you selected for the Mane 6. They show off the girls' personalities and avoid the fetish aspect that many humanised pony pictures indulge in. These character designs could easily be used for a child-friendly show.
You have the best Humanized pony designs out there, no doubt. Hasbro should base their designs on yours, though they need to implement AJ's, Fluttershy's, and Rarity's cutie marks.
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I can't believe this isn't canon!
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I wish THIS was equestrian girls design instead of those freakish crappy designs they made DX
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I really like Fluttershy's overall design and choice of outfit! It fit her shy personality very well! :D
*immediately watches* ovo
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Cute belly, Dashie!
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Something is wrong with the world if this isn't the canon humanised mane six.
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Awesome pic!
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Cute and adorebale work
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Wow. Just... EVERYTHING about this fits and makes sense. Very well done!
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The outfits really suit their personalities. Well done.
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So this whole set of pieces, including each of their individual shots... are these all vectors, or scanned drawings, or? Love it.
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