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MLP Fluttershy Human Version

Currently the most popular character in MLP right now. I couldn't say I'm not surprised. Fluttershy is very cute. I tried to achieve the same affect here but her eyes are a bit harder to do. And I think i've done her head wrong. Love her hair though but background sucks. Need to change that soon.

Fluttershy (C) Lauren Faust
Human Version (C) Me
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Human Fluttershy is pretty, enough said.:D (Big Grin) 
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You did a well done job!
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fuck mlp it chers none up thay shoad be shot its not badass its for 6 5 year old girls its frigers do BULSHIT but you gurm ther hair... ther mother fucking HAIR! you maght say its got "great humer"my ass its comdy for little kids lunas the ony cool becuse evil powers but the charters suck ther just lifeles girly girls its killed dragons to a fucking mail brether a unicorn is not a pony a pegasis is not a pony this man made power puf girls that had fighting not a ponys life! CASE IN FUCKING PONIT STOP WACHING IT this is some beter shows for guys docter who power puff girls ben10 pokemon and o so many more that are better to wach
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We're you drunk when writing this? Because you have terrible spelling.
And also why we're you looking at ponies if u don't like them?c:
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lol you got banned XD   i wonder why
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Have every thing under control? (my mind:of course she has every thing under control I just wanted to F*** see her.)
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"Umm,I'd better be going since its getting dark,Fluttershy".
"What's the rush,don't you wanna stay and play with my Bunny,Angel?-Fluttershy
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Oh god, The thing you said, It sounds wrong in a way
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Her cuteness would smother me in shyness and I would run like a scared kitten.
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This is hardly unexpected. XD
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I just don't want her friends (House Centipedes) to crawl over me while were talking and enjoying the evening.
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I can't imagine her bedroom,animals in every room,no privacy what so ever.
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By chance is there any way I am be allowed to use this pic as a representation of Fluttershy for a story of mine?
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Sure go right ahead!
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:D Thank you very much! When its released would you care for a link just to see what your hard work was used in?
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I like this because its cute and its not showing anything rude.
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