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MLP Experssion Set 1

Practicing my expressions. Tis all

MLP (C) Lauren Faust
Human Version (C) Kreoss
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© 2010 - 2021 Kreoss
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Winterspeed628's avatar
can i make a base out of a couple (two) of your drawings????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
allamericanchic's avatar
I love your style of how you draw the "My Little Pony" characters! And here you captured Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie so perfectly! :D
ChristianeTee's avatar
You're drawing is so good. Could you try drawing HARRY POTTER?
glowingenergy's avatar
i like pinkie's angry face,i think it's cute
ReaperKing's avatar
Dead center: Fluttershy is not amussed.
cmsiew's avatar
Pinkie Pie's expression looks cute!
TheNewgrade's avatar
Genial, los colores fantísticos.
Velvetisis's avatar
I love these!!!!
Star-Divine's avatar
what expressions are these and what episodes?
Sanji07's avatar
D'awww fluttershy! ^-^
2011anvil's avatar
love it, reallllly it aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome
SuperNyanKat's avatar
Fluttershy2 is not amused
Chipettes33's avatar
My Fav 1Rarity 2Fluttershy 3Pinkiepie and Face Expresion is Cute
Last pinkie expression XD broke a pinkie promise RAAAGE
charming-chloe's avatar
the middle fluttershy is "I'm a year older than you"
male92's avatar
LOVEEE the expression of Pinkie and Fluttershy
3arlGrey's avatar
B-CactoArts's avatar
Pinkie's 3rd expression is kinda like: "NO ONE LAUGHS AT THE PINK.......IE PIE!!!" from that Discord episode.
AllHailWeegee's avatar
Fluttershy's last expression reminds me of Kim Possible. :P
DDhew's avatar
I lovelovelove this! PERFECT EXPRESSIONS! Especially on Pinkie : )
You have a really nice and expressive style that fits the girls so well!
geeg3632's avatar
fear the pink and me
jump-cut's avatar
absolutely flawless
Harpsiccord's avatar
J'adore how you do Rarity's eyes!
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