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MLP Celestia Human Version

All hail Princess Celestia! Finally got some time to finish this. I really like how Megasweet draws Celestia in her human version so I got inspired to draw this. Anyways enjoy!

Celestia (C) Lauren Faust
Human Version (C) Me
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*nose bleeding*
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Surprisingly menacing. Just makes me salty that we still haven't really seen a dark side of Celestia like we have Luna.
As shown in the Crystal Empire, Celestia can be very intimidating if she wants to. Maybe we'll hear Celestia's Royal Canterlot Voice someday.
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The way she sits reminds me of how the Jarl of the 9 holds from Skyrim sit.
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She looks beautiful!
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very good Celestia humaization
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I can't quite explain why, but this really does capture well (the face in particular) what a human equivalent of Princes Celestia may look like. Nice work. 
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Who loves human celestia? I freaking do so dang much! <3
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"You must be new here."
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Jarl Celestia the Greater
She sits like the Jarl of Whiterun.
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That was my first thought.
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Your human version of Celestia feels like a nice blend of anime and Bruce Timm's animation style.

Great work!. :)
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She looks beautiful and amazing!
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Posando para la foto oficial jaja.!!
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Nice. Make her fight against Queen Chrysalis in human version. She used her horn against each her, now uses her sword to protect her subjects from Chrysalis.

Princess Celestia: No, you won't. I am protecting my subjects from you.
Queen Chrysalis: Just try it, Celestia.
Princess Celestia: All right. (Gets out her sword and tries to stop Queen Chrysalis)
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It would be cooler if she used a hidden blade 

#assassins creed
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must be boring sitting on that throne everyday
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This is almost perfect...
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I've just got a feeling that this is Celestia in 'Troll' mode. Something about her smile tells me that she wants to make some hapless courtier or petitioner dangle today. "Your petition will be granted... if you run ten times around Canterlot singing The Lady Laughter's theme song 'Smile, Everybody, Smile'. I will know if you don't."

Seriously, though, there is always an edge of mischief about Celestia - not as malicious as some would portray her but I think she's come to value the lighter moments that break the hard life of being a 24/7 God-Queen.
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It wouldn't make sense for Celestia to be that pale, being the sun goddess and all.
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I showed this to one of my girls and she said "I like her hair! It's really glittery and she's so pretty." As for myself, I think she is very elegant and exactly how I would imagine her as a human. It's beautiful.
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