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- Oh, I think I'm coming down with the flu. I'm feeling awful.
- Really? let's check your temperature. Grab the thermometer.

UPDATE: v1.0.2 is out. White version included.

RainThermometer is another weather & temperature skin. It displays the current temperature in both units. Right and Left / Black & White Text versions are included.

  • Middle click the skin to access the settings.

Rainmeter 2.1 (or higher) is required to install this skin. Download it from

Wallpaper used in preview: [link]
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Hi man! This is very grate skin,i like a lot! 
Can you make with Kelvin temperature scale?
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is there other way to set the Thermometer setting, as my middle mouse button don't work with this program
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the same skin for CPU temp would be fun
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You have a way of suggesting right stuff. :P I will see how easy it is and probably add it.
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I looked into it and will not support it after all. It requires the use of external tray apps that I'm not at all fond of. Plus the temperature ladder would need adjustments, as the CPU doesn't produce the same temperatures as our sun :P So, it would be a completely new skin. I'm sorry. :)
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I've been trying to figure out how to edit the .ini file to orient the thermometer horizontally but I can't quite figure out how to do it. Is there any easy way for me to accomplish that? In any case, thanks very much for the fine work.
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Unfortunately it would take a big amount of new calculations for the X value (like the ones currently on Y value). I suppose it would work the same, but new random calculations are needed.
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Yes, that's how it seemed to me, too. I was hoping that I was overlooking something that would make the conversion much easier. Oh well, thanks anyway.
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No, unfortunately not. I didn't consider that during the developing of the code, so that to make it easier. I'm sorry, and you 're welcome. :)
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Nice one! Thanks!!
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Unique and well done! Love it! Looking forward to your future skins! +FAV
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Thank you very much! I appreciate it :)
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Excellent work! I like it. Can I port it to XWidget? Thanks :)
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Thank you! Yes you can, as long as you oblige to the CC License and credit me. I'm honored. :)
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Nice, I'll give it a try. The wife is a weather nut
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I hope she'll like it. :)
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Love it, needs a white version
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White version? Do you mean white text? I could certainly do that. :) An update will come very soon.
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waiting for it, the link in the note was broken
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It's up, you just have to redownload it and enable it through settings. :)
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Excellent work keep it up.
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