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Corona Chan

I knew my self isolation would turn out beneficial in the end

to be serious though, I hope everyone is doing alright. stay safe inside. don't be tempted by the seductress 
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haha funny racism
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Virus originated in china so why wouldn't an anthro have some chinese attire like some of their vampires?

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Was ebola-chan based off the Republic of Congo? Your logic is flawed.
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There's an Ebola chan?

Huh. Well I'd say this is a much cooler design.

That's just a testament to whoever came up with it

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It's funny because thousands of innocent people are dying and you make porn in spite of their deaths and mocking them, haha

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I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean any ill will. I just wanted to make a joke and cheer everyone up over the situation.

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I'm sure as people's grandparents are choking on their lung fluids they will love the porn they make from their suffering

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He's hardly the first one to make this character though

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She being ignored 
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Don't open the window. Don't open the window! DON'T OPEN THE WINDOW!! >o<
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You had to draw her so seductively. :blush:
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aw so sexy too bad we can’t let her in ^_^

btw the little kitty is named gizmo he is aya nya’s kitty, aya nya and lyn live together, so gizmo will be seeing lot more screen time in the background being adorable X3
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me: begone thot, i have the power of toilet paper.

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Nah she doesn’t have any booze I wouldn’t let her in
Still stay healthy out there
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She makes a convincing offer... 

Seriously, I love your sense of humor and the smoking hot way you drew Corona-chan! She's thicc and gorgeous! I don't think I could resist her. You did a great job on drawing her boobs pressed against the glass. The effects are nice. I also love your little cat behind the chair. You did an excellent job! Here's hoping to a swift end to the actual virus. Take care of yourself and loved ones and stay safe. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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not sure if i;d like this or be shy about it :D
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Corona-chan is trying to break into someone's house, from what I see.
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