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Raine Rena/Raine Reizo [DESIGN]



Re-drew them in original design after over a year =A= about time I re-drew it... the old ones are so ugly ;A;

Reizo looks like he's slouching ;A; and he's more distorted than Rena here ...


This art can be freely used in covers and such that are using Reizo or Rena, as long as you do not claim the art for yourself!

Raine Reizo | Raine Rena


Raine Reizo and Raine Rena belong to :iconkream-cheese: (me)
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© 2013 - 2021 Kream-Cheese
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OMG! Me and Raine Rena have the same name! My name is Rena too!
That is a really good drawing too by the way.
Mrdefosuke's avatar
My friend's name is Rena too! (she's Japanese.. of course)
Kream-Cheese's avatar
haha nice!! that's pretty cool ^^
and thanks! :)
Chi-UTAU's avatar
i want to draw rena but im afarid it might suck//shot
Kream-Cheese's avatar
ehh why would that matter? ;w; you should do whatever you want no matter if it'll suck or not :P
and I would look so forward to it toooo :iconasdfghplz:
aaah sorry for the late reply again!! ><
Chi-UTAU's avatar
okk i will soon >w<
im sorry for the late reply! XD (this time its mee)
tart-sakuran's avatar
OMG they are so awesome !
I love Rena and your art style... cool *^*
Kream-Cheese's avatar
Thank you so much!! Glad you like Rena! (:
tart-sakuran's avatar
Like a lot !
Gonna start my UTAU drawing tour with her ^_^
Kream-Cheese's avatar
Ooo, can't wait to see! >u< ~
iDoodleX3-chan's avatar
Teach me dat coloring and shading and lineart style (slapped) Kream-sama ;A;
Kream-Cheese's avatar
HOW TO TEACH ;A; uhmmmm, you use pen tool..and draw line art.. and then colour in...with pen again /slapped :iconotlplz:
iDoodleX3-chan's avatar
Ook, ok for short, that shading ok?? //slapped. plz forgive meee :iconotlplz:
Kream-Cheese's avatar
ummm, I start shading with the darkest colour shading first, then the middle colour next ;w; using the pen tool always ~ and I shade the places where I think it should be shaded.. o3o
Geisha058's avatar
    Would it be too much to ask if I could cosplay Rena--? = 7 =
    Her outfit is so cute and I really love her voice because I heard her and Reizo's covers of Synchronicity and I just lsjfkldjw
    If I do i'd definitely post pictures and link you--
    I'll shut up now omg
Kream-Cheese's avatar
MOST DEFINITELY!! I'm so happy to hear that you wanna cosplay her, and I'm looking SOSO forward to seeing it!!! >u<
ahhh I'm so glad to hear that you like her voice too! ;v; Thanks soso much!!
Geisha058's avatar
    Omg I was so scared you'd say no since it's like /your/ design ;v;
    But yaay!!! I'm getting it professionally tailor-made, since I can't make a cosplay to save my life yep yep = 7 =
    So i'll probably be able to get the shoes and wig for it and everything omg i'm excited thank youuuu for letting me~
    And her voice is truly wonderful, I'm not usually a fan of UTAUloids but this is like
    addicting man, I dunno. }
Kream-Cheese's avatar
omgomg!! wow sounds so exciting! I really can't wait to see it!! *A*
haha you're not the only one who can't make a cosplay to save their life... XD
You're welcome! I should really be thanking YOU for cosplaying Rena though!
Leya-Alexander's avatar
Waa, how can u do that?
I luv your UTAUloids and your des >.<
Kya, how old r u?
(Sr for my Eng, I'm Vietnamese and I am just 12.5 ^^)
Kream-Cheese's avatar
Thanks so much! Happy to hear that you like them! and I'm 17 years old ^^
Leya-Alexander's avatar
If you are in Vietnam i will call you "sis" :)
Nice to meet u ^^
Kream-Cheese's avatar
Nice to meet you too ^^
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