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Hi. I'm one of those extremely immature, and often anti-social kids you see around nowadays. My parents are mean and won't let me own my own budgies, so I've fallen in love with the ones at school.
They're rather awesome little chargers, and I usually refer to them as my own. If you fav them, please leave a comment. It makes them feel special. If you watch me, I'll love you forever and wanna become your friend:iconbrofistplz:

Current Residence: Byron Bay
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Favourite cartoon character: Doc Worth. Ooh yeeahh.

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Horses, photography, animals, fun


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Just lazy:) That said, i'm going to give a quick update on ze budgies: Beka and her daughter Taiba and Nari's daughter Vella have been fighting and killing each other's babies in the aviary so Vella is at Mrs Woodward's place and Taiba will most likely be sold, cause she's such a bitch. Aphrael and Hasani have had two more clutches, which all hav albinos. Very exciting, that. Mottley and Ersken has had one. All have been sold, except for three out of Aphrael's latest clutch, who are sickly and one has French Molt due to too many clutches in a year and a shortage of damn greens in the vegie gardens from stupid bugs:noes: They are happy, ju
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What's been going on

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Ha, has it really been a month since my last journal? Anyways, about those budgies of mine. They are going great:) Sephrenia and Nari and have five lovely little chicks, who are all out of the nest. I cannot wait to get some shots of them:aww: Seph has been showing some aggressive behaviour towards them, so today we moved her to the aviary and left Nari to feed them. We are selling Seph, we realised a mother as aggressive as her isn't worth keeping. The last clutch http://krazzeh-budgies.devianta
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New birds!

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Yes new birds whoo. Ick i just wrote out a pretty long journal and it didnt post it and i cannot be bothered writing it out again. So, new male budgie, He's replacing Kurik and is in with Aphrael. He's grey and medium sized and plump and handsome. I'm calling him Hasani, means handosme in Egyptian. I like Egyptian names. Also new male finch. He's smaller than Brom, who he's replacing, and is younger too. Selena, the female finch, likes him already. I'm calling him Naeem, meaning benevolent. Will put photos up when i find my damn camers cord. Bit boring time for budgie photos, since all chicks are sold and they're all sittin on eggs. Beka
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OMG finally some one on here with budgie breeding experience! :la: you reckon you could help me with some questions?
Beautiful gallery ^^
the budgies are all extremely pretty :heart:
I have a question for you.. if you don't mind that is ^^'

my "yellow and green [Zelders is nearly pure yellow with a bit of gray "stripes" & green patches.. I'm unsure of what you'd really call that.]" parakeet has one blue eye and one brown eye and I've yet to figure out what gender it is. [I have three budgies at the moment I recently bought from my pet store.. they're just so addicting :c I'm hoping to get a fourth soon <3 just looking for one that catches my attention]

is it uncommon for budgies to have dual colored eyes? X__x out of every budgie I've owned - none have had "dual" colored eyes
I don't mind at all, I'm not a Budgie expert (I wish) but I'll try answer:) Oh, I know what you mean. I'm addicted too:heart:
I have never heard of a bi-eyed bird before, that sounds so awesome! I'd say it would be rare, I have never seen or heard of one before. :)

after seeing a picture of one of the albino budgies you had/have I had to have one of my own >< and with my luck, I managed to talk my father into going to Petco because he said they would never have an albino, and they did <33

so now I have four amazing budgies *-*

They also had a pure yellow budgie with red eyes I wanted.. but it was that one or my albino :c and I couldn't pass my little Captain Foss up :heart:

I can't believe my luck with budgies.. if I mention a color/pattern or what-not I want, the next day I go there and they have it. X__x

and erm.. one more little question.. :c

Luci, one of my older parakeets [I got him a few months before the others.. so I consider him a bit older <3] is like.. super aggressive lately D:

we use to have a light blue and white "piebald" budgie we got a couple days after him because I felt bad leaving him alone and she passed away in the cage beside him a few days later.. we have absolutely no idea why she died and ever since then he won't let anyone go near him and he's extremely aggressive to the others if they get a little too close.. :c I'm afraid he's going to have a like.. little birdie seizure every time I go past the cage X__x he gets so upset when I try to take one of the others away and I have absolutely no clue what to do with him ._. but I love him, and don't want to just get rid of him
I am so sorry for the late reply, man! I'm really good at forgetting about this account:iconimstupidplz:
Wow, you are pretty lucky with the colours haha I really love albinos:love: Pure yellow budgies are also so beautiful:)

Hmm, that's a little weird. It's not uncommon for budgies to be aggressive -especially females. He might just be very unfriendly, and a little territorial of his 'territory'? The only solution I could offer is putting him in another cage (that is still close enough for him to see the other birds) if he starts getting too violent and injures your other birds.
I know what you mean about not wanting to get rid of him, we have had beautiful females we had to get rid of because they've too aggressive towards her chicks. It really sucks:(
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guess wut? :iconsonicwutplz: