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// 1. Where?

My new username is "timsilva" - you can find the new account here:


*Please watch my new account! I had nearly 40 thousand page views, 550+ watchers, and 1,100+ favs, and one Daily Deviation. :( I hope to recover from this as quickly as possible though. :)

// 2. What?

This account has essentially the same purpose as my old "krazytim" account, with the exception that I might post some other kinds of art work on here, but it will still mostly consist of web and interface designs, so if you watched me before, you should definitely watch me again. A few people asked me if this was going to be an account for photography or something else, and it isn't, as least not primarily. I will be uploading all of my favorite designs to this new account, and then everything else that I ever uploaded before will be available to see in my scrapbook. This includes the scraps posted on my "krazytim" account, the deviations that I posted in my main gallery that I don't want to upload as a main feature on my new account, and lastly, a bunch of old, random images and concepts that I never uploaded before. So this new account will have every last deviation posted before, as well as a bunch of newly posted old works, and of course, new stuff! :)

// 3. Why?

This is hard to explain for the simple fact that it is too easy to explain it and I struggle to find where to start. I have three main reasons for all who are curious. Otherwise, don't read this next paragraph.

First of all, (1) the alias is unprofessional, unflattering, and it does not represent me or my work. I'm really just ready to move on and use something more professional and presentable. Secondly, (2) the Internet is pretty much permanent, so if I'm thinking long term, I don't want to be stuck with "Kr4Zyt1m!!_!@" for the rest of my life. The origin of my old alias "krazytim" doesn't have any depth or relevance. In fact, I don't understand why I waited so long to change this, it has been on my mind for nearly three years now from what I can remember. Lastly, (3) I just want to be known as 'Tim Silva' within the design community. I don't see the need to have an alias. Plus, it will flow with my domain name (which will also be undergoing drastic changes very soon). I have a fairly large picture painted in my head as to where I am going, and this new account is just the first step.

// 4. What now for "krazytim"?

I will leave this account as it is for archival purposes (+favs, comments, views, etc). There is no reason to delete the account or the deviations, but I won't be submitting anything new under this account anymore since it is obsolete.

// 5. DeviantART – Change Username Option

Just to confirm this to everyone; NO, DeviantART does not allow username changes. I looked into this several times, and it is pretty conclusive. They won't be adding this feature any time soon and they don't plan on doing it ever. With that said, I hope no one else ever makes the mistake I did by choosing a bad alias and using it for way too long. More info here:

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I wish i could just rename the profile.. In that way, i could keep the deviations, date joined, comments and everything!

Aaaaaaanyway, congrats with new account! Watching you already! ;)