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I've been working a lot at my new job, so not much art and crafting has occurred, however I did somehow manage to get one of my pieces into Conan Obriens Flaming C art show in San Diego a couple weeks ago. I didn't think I was doing anything big when I made the painting, but I guess mine and 59 others impressed Conan enough to deserve a gallery next to Comic Con for it :)
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I don't use this site much anymore because, lets face it, I haven't made much since Xmas! so here i am typing with one hand and holding a mask that needs to dry with the other! I made an Etsy account and I got 2 buyers in two days! I'm selling a bioshock mask to one, and a silent hill mask to the other and its great! one of my customers even bought a Vivi plush and dust bunnies to go along with it! so here's my account if anyone's interested

I've become a busy lady!
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I can't believe that my old high school is finally getting major cuts, the students of the 2011-2012 school year will have absolutely no art programs or drama.

High schoolers need art as a release and to get to know themselves better, I know I needed to  create back when I was fifteen. I just can't believe its come to this. my school only had three teachers: pottery, graphic design and traditional arts and with the help of those teachers I advanced my skills in art. They also inspired me to teach art to other high school students.

I don't know if it will help any but please like this page if you have a facebook:!/pages/Keep…

who knows these kids could be the next gaming developers if they continue to keep the arts in our schools!
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Once again I work a crap ton but thanks to the stupid policy thing Michaels made me sign I can't bitch on the interwebs :'(
oh well
as any of you might have seen I've been making a whole bunch of stuff, the best is that they're all gifts too! I love giving crap especially at Xmas! its dorky little things but hey, it comes from the US right? hahaha!
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So I have to stay up another 2o minutes for teeth whitening :P but this has been a great year for me and my art! this year I've landed my first real commission, art show in Portland and vender booth (in my little town ^^) I've managed to finish a total of ten pieces just over the summer. with all this luck I think its time I try for scholarships again!
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It's August, I've entered one thing to sell at the county fair (good luck right? haha) I have until the 28th to complete things for the show my grandma and I are selling at. I'm so distracted though! I've bought so many good games! Tron Bonne, Parasite Eve, Dragon Quest IX and Vagrant story. I'm just waiting for school to begin, this should be my last year at the community College (if I don't fuck up!) and time to look further into university's!
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So my small town is offering me an opportunity to sell some art, unfortunatly that means making a ton of new things because I love my old stuff too much! so I have until August 28th to create as much as possible! so here I am wasting the sun on a daily basis. no matter! I love to create! and I miss fall! and unlimited Dr.Who! I just wish i had time to make some new cosplay :/
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okay I have 10 more drawings due for class and one comission, a 7-10 page paper on how Final Fantasy games influence us and then I'm home free!
I can't stop feeling lethargic, I think its the shitty weather, its june and theres no sun! why did I bother buying summer clothes?! once again I cant wait to work on something I care about.
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I've been so lethargic lately, I think I'm going to go insane. I've been practicing with inks and oils, this how to book I bought is actually really helpful even though I dont do manga: "style school." I've developed a plan for after college, but I'm getting restless being able to only take two classes a term because I didn't get a loan. Hopefully next school term two to three classes a term and i'll be finished! and no more biology I'm sick of lab writes!

Next term there will be art classes!
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while I've had a pretty great year (both creative-wise and party-wise:) 2009 has killed way too many celebs. I  miss swayze :(
HELLO 2010!
this year I plan on focusing on plushies and figures and whatever else comes to mind!
I know for fact I want to make myself Gatomon and some FLCL stuff. I just hope school doesnt get me all worked up!

Merry x-mas!
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UGH so my work is giving me mass amounts of hours right before i go back to school! i would love to work on so many things but i have so little time! my to do list:
-finish haruko figurine
-make Totoro bean bag
-make a stuffed monkey
-halloween costume

it doesnt sound like much but with all the procrastination i do, you better believe im busy!
lol excited for Fall! and willing to take on challenges!

***Im willing to work for free as long as i dont have a short time limit and the request isnt huge!****
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Hah that title is random its what came up first when i clicked it.

So i have started a few things and finished a couple things that have laid around for at least a year. I'm all excited because a random lady came up and told me the other day that i seem like a warm and trusting person, and that she hopes good things come to me. Kyle and i talked with her for like an hour and when i told her I wanted to teach art she thought that would be a really great career for me. I love that, that motivates me even more, the biggest complement she gave was that she knows that i'll be a GOOD teacher not a stupid one.

I'm just excited to be getting things done and finally enjoying my days, not stressing over them.I've got so many things planned I don't know where to start ^^

ALSO: the guy from MAN VS. FOOD is a major pothead, the pancake guy told me so.
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I'm so excited to be over with 2008, I'm really going to focus on having fun this year, I'm 19 and I want to really make time for "life experience." Meaning I want more concerts, dress up days, dancing, movies and Spontaneity!
HOPEFULLY, more art will come of this, but with all that + school + work + snugllin Im not quite sure how much will do :/

Oh well wish me luck ^^
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neither does good ol' Halloween! so because my mom is forcing me to attempt to pay for school without any loans or other financial help, Im thinking I'll start drawing portraits for people, so if any of you by chance read this here are my requirements:

- I will draw just about anything that is photographed first (no live models, I tend to get distracted too easy and I don't want anyone to have to sit through that)

- Depending on the size portrait you want, I will need about two weeks to finish.

- I won't charge for time, just supplies, size, and level of complication. (also shipping if by chance you are out of the area)

- I won't ask for any money up front, as I expect the client to have corrective suggestions.

- Lastly, every portrait I create will be posted up here on my deviant art, and possibly a print made for my personal portfolio.

Thanks! go ahead and email me if anyone is interested :)
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I'm so relieved to finally have a break to start creating, most of the "new" things I've posted were made months ago. i've been working too much though, I hate Adulthood! lol I haven't made anything recently, but I have been reading this awesome book about hippies...I'm a little distracted ^^
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so i haven't done much lately because the power of homework CONSUMES ME and i work and stuff, BUT i have at least 4 unfinished project that will soon be up! I can't wait til summer when all i can do is work, draw, work, friends,WORK, CONCERTS! ugh
thats all ^^
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hey  everyone im still getting use to this but so far it's AMAZING
i just wanted to say i have a lot more stuff in my scraps because its rare that i finish something! thanks!
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