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What time is it

By KrazyD
Last adventure time illustration for now.
You played so hard finn. Sleep well.
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Awwwww cute stuffed jake
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this makes me so sad yet so happy
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do you mind if i make a another virison of this ill give you the link when im done if u want
KrazyD's avatar
I don't mind and I'd love to see it! Thank you!!
kendallov34's avatar
yay!!! ok thanks you
PixelFishies's avatar
This is a super cute pic and I wish that there could be an episode based on this drawing.
I am totally showing this to my friend ( moioiche on deviantART) because she loves adventure time and she is even having an adventure time themed party!!

Anyway cute pic
KrazyD's avatar
Thanks so much! hahah, I was hoping that others would have thought of this too, or that it'd be teased upon on the show, but I'm not too upset! I like their serious interpretations also!

I just think the world is full of finns and their vivid imaginations, and it's a wonderful thing. <3
I love it!
glare and shadowing is perfect overall this picture is great!
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imagine if the show ended like finn playing with all the toys
IluvsFlippynya's avatar
neoblonde-hustler64's avatar
OH SNAP!! :wow: His life is a lie :XD:
TitansFighter01's avatar
Aww. This reminds me of a thing I read on TV Tropes about how the show is really Finn's imagination. This is great. :D

And you have all the major characters as plushies. This is really too sweet. And I'm a guy. lol. So that's saying something. Yes its so cute even I have to comment on it. lol. I love how Beemo is just a regular Game Boy. For some reason that stands out to me. Really original piece.
kendallov34's avatar
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Awww OMG *cry* I saw while sad piano music play in the background! :(
This is so awesome it over powering!!!! :cry:
H2plus's avatar
Hey I bought this at Youmacon and its hanging on my wall!! I :heart: Adventure Time and Great Job on the illustration. :thumbnail:
KrazyD's avatar
<3<3 you have my love. *takes my heart and gives it to you* =) thank you so much!
H2plus's avatar
"takes heart and holds it close" Ur welcome :):hug:
ColorfulSprinkles319's avatar
I want that so badly!!
ChibiMunkmunk's avatar
That's one interesting concept you have here. I like it. :)
Pr0j3ctFr33lan3r's avatar
This is an interesting idea.
Imaginary friends are the
best friends you can have.
Continue drawing,
ilovedinosaurs300's avatar
they should do an episode where
finn wakes up in the real world and all through
the show it shows him being all depressed
about his friends not being real but at the end
it would have just been a crazy dream :D
also omg i love this
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