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the 20 june 2014 is the worst day of my life... this is the day of death of my amazing boyfriend and model: Rudy Huion. he was an amazing friend for a lot of people and a men i will never forget. the better way to describe him is what his best friend said just after his death "he was an angel... in a demon body". because of his original style, he have scared a lot of people. this is sad to know how this men was treated during all his life... rejected, humiliated, he have never found his place in this world... after 44 years to try to be in peace, he finally choose the only solution he have found... the suicide... if the people was a little bit more tolerant whit the difference, maybe i was still with us today...

this is a big lost for his friends, his family and for me.

rest in peace my love... i will always miss you...

retirement by krazybijoux
The music had a big place on my life. i wake up, walk on the street, work and draws with music. Each period of my life have a song or album associated... when i listen the song, i feel the emotions and ambiance of this period. This is why i choose the musicians like models to draw... they inspired me a lot. when i draws, this is like a meditation, i'm not in the real world and not in my body. i listen the music and let my mind free. i dont really think about what i do, i let my hands and my eyes draw for me and i explore my own world.

I have updated each drawing to add a song made by my model. the song that touched me more than others during the drawing. this song représent the drawing in my mind and i hope you enjoy these artist like i love them.
I draws since my 10 years old but i have made my first reproduction of picture at 14 years old. After a break of 7 years i do it again.  it's like seeing an old friend :)

My first subject are the signer of ghost "Papa Emeritus II" and i have a work in progress actually. This is a drawing of Johan Edlund, leader of tiamat. 6hours of work later, its almost finish. I will post my drawing during the week-end.

Normaly, i draws famous people i love, but if your interested by a drawing of you, send my a note with a picture. If i love how you look, maybe i will choose you for my futur work. If you whant a better chance to be chosen your picture must be:

-of a good quality
-only your face and the top of your body
-have a original look

have a nice day! :)
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