A Solemn Summer Night - Chapter 1 - ''Sunset''

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    The color of the sky that evening as the sun inched towards the horizon, casting its last rays of light into the atmosphere. Tendrils of light crept through the curtains of the room, bathing everything in a soft glow. An unfortunately orange glow.
    Rainbow Dash bit her lip and stared at the unmoving figure before her eyes, inhaling sharply. She shifted in her seat, then got up, drawing the curtains to let the afternoon sun flood the room, casting harsh light against the blanched green walls.
    A tissue found itself tossed to the floor, crumpled and soaked, joining countless others that had suffered the same fate.
    She let her head rest against the bed and closed her eyes, wrapping her hooves around another, orange, hoof, squeezing ever so gently. She touched her chin against the hoof she held she held within her own.
    "I miss you, Applejack."
    The rhythmic beeping of a heart monitor was her only reply.
    Please don't leave me.
    Her eyes shot open as the hoof beneath her stirred.
    "A- Applejack?" she choked.
    "I'm here, Rainbow," said Applejack with a weak smile.
    Rainbow threw her arms around Applejack and pressed her nose into the yellow mane before her. "I love you, Applejack. I love you so much."
    Applejack shifted her legs to hold Rainbow against her as close as she could, brushing her hooves through Rainbow's unkempt mane. "I love you too."
    The two did not move for the better part of an hour, Rainbow's chest heaving as she clung to Applejack, the sun dipping below the horizon, giving way to the pale light of the moon.
    "It's beautiful isn't it?" asked Applejack, staring out the window, tearing Rainbow from her thoughts.
    "The moon. The stars."
    "Yeah, I guess they are."
    "I... want to see it again. I want you to fly with me like we did our first night together."
    Rainbow stared into Applejack's eyes and nodded, wiping the tears off her cheeks. She placed a hoof under Applejack's chin and brought them together into a tender kiss.
    "I'll be back in a few moments. I'll get you out of here."
    With that, Rainbow stood up and took a minute to admire the mare before her. Even this close to death she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Rainbow's gaze eventually turned to the door and without another word, she walked unsteadily towards it.
    "I'm here to check Applejack out," said Rainbow.
    "You can't do that, Rainbow Dash. She's not well enough to leave. I'd be surprised if she managed to make it to the front door!" came the doctor's reply.
    "I don't care. I'm checking her out. Now."
    "She needs to stay here."
    "She. Is. Leaving."
    Rainbow's eyes narrowed. "Leaving."
    He sighed and levitated a clipboard from an office, pushing it towards Rainbow. "She won't make it through the night if she leaves now."
    "I... I know. She knows. I can't let her..." Rainbow paused, steadying her breath. "I can't let her go here. I just can't. She deserves better," she protested, her lips trembling as she took the clipboard from the doctor and set it before her.
    The doctor nodded and started off towards another patient's room. "Just hand the form in at the desk when you're done." He stopped walking and levitated a small bottle to Rainbow. "And have her take these. 6 of them; all at once. They should help with the pain."
    The form was short, thankfully. Rainbow didn't know if her writing was even legible at this point. She walked up to the desk and handed it in, then began on her way back to Applejack with the pills.
    Upon entering the room, Rainbow trotted over to Applejack and nuzzled her cheek.
    "We can go now. They're letting us leave."
    Applejack kissed Rainbow's nose.
    "Thank you."
    "You need to take these first. So you won't feel any pain."
    Applejack nearly glared at the bottle Rainbow was holding. "I don't need those. I can make it just fine on my own."
    "Applejack! Please. If not for yourself, then take them for me," Rainbow pleaded.
    "For... you?"
    "Yeah, for me. I... I don't want my l-last memory of you to be..."
    "Rainbow, I can—"
    "No. Please, AJ. Just— just put that stubborn pride aside. For me."
    Applejack's expression softened. "Pass them over here, then."
    Applejack struggled to take each pill, but with Rainbow's help she managed to get them all down after a few minutes. Rainbow nuzzled Applejack's neck as she tried to swallow each one, following with delicate kisses.
    "Are you ready?" asked Rainbow.
    "As I'll ever be."
    "Come on, I'll help you," said Rainbow, offering herself for support.
    Applejack grunted as she lifted herself up and slid off the bed, almost onto the floor, yelping in pain. Rainbow cringed, casting a worried look over Applejack.
    "I'm okay. I can do this. I need to do this. One last time."
    A cyan wing found its way over Applejack's back and pulled her closer for support. Putting almost her entire weight on Rainbow, Applejack tentatively took a few steps toward the door, grunting and gritting her teeth as each hoof fell, a reassuring glance quieting any protests from Rainbow.
    Step by step, the two walked side by side. Applejack would falter, only to have Rainbow nuzzle her back up with a comforting kiss on the cheek and whispers of encouragement— and the two would carry on.
    At long last, the two ponies found themselves before the front doors of the hospital.
    "Come on, AJ. Just a few more steps. We're almost there."
    Fatigue was etched deep into Applejack's face, her eyes heavy with the strain of walking for so long. Rainbow nudged Applejack forward ever so gently, then moved to hold the door open for her. Applejack nearly stumbled, regaining her composure just enough to take the last couple of steps through the door unaided.
    "You did it, AJ. You made it," said Rainbow with a hesitant smile.
    "I.. I sure did."
    Rainbow laid herself down in front of Applejack, noticing her now labored breathing, though it wasn't without reward. Applejack's smile told her this was the right thing to do. She needed to smell the fresh air and be in it— not in that stuffy hospital, whose air was thick with disinfectant.
    Applejack climbed over Rainbow's back, taking great care to not step on her wings, then let herself fall with a pained hiss. She positioned her head against the back of Rainbow's neck, wrapping her legs around it.
    "Whenever you're ready, best flier in all of Equestria," she whispered into Rainbow's ear.
    With a few powerful flaps, Rainbow Dash lifted herself and her passenger off the ground and into the cool night air. The two soared high above Equestria and leveled off just above the few clouds that dotted the sky. Rainbow turned her head around to look at Applejack as she tilted enough to catch a tuft of cloud on her wingtips and drag it with her.
    Applejack met Rainbow's eyes as they danced in the moonlight, twisting and turning, rising and falling in a grace that not even Celestia herself could match. Rainbow nosed downwards, reluctantly pulling her gaze from Applejack's, picking up speed, then ascending as high as she could go, flying over Cloudsdale— its height paling in comparison.
    "Cloudsdale Stadium... I'm sure you remember. I ain't never seen you happier than you were that day. 'Cept our wedding day, of course," said Applejack.
    "How could I forget?"
    "I don't think I've ever been more proud of ya... you're... the strongest pony I know."
    "Heh, thanks..."
    "Look, Rainbow..."
    "Yeah, AJ?"
    Applejack squeezed Rainbow's neck.
    "I want you to stay strong. A-after I'm gone."
    Rainbow's flight faltered for a moment, her heart skipping a beat and rising into her throat.
    "No, Rainbow. Listen to me. I want you to move on. O-or try to."
    "No! I can't. I don't want to!"
    "Please, Rainbow. Ya deserve to be loved by somepony else. I don't care if it's a year from now, or even ten years. Just... just promise me you'll try. I'm not asking ya to forget."
    Rainbow bit back more tears. "I... I can try. I promise I'll try." She brought her hoof up to rub Applejack's as she banked towards the far side of Canterlot. The next few minutes of the flight passed in silence.
    "Hey, AJ?"
    "Yeah, Rainbow?"
    "Look, down there. Remember that beach?"
    "Our first Hearts and Hooves Day together. I remember ya wouldn't tell me where we were goin'."
    Rainbow Dash grinned, "Mhmm."
    "And ya wanted to walk. Three whole days it took us to get there. Completely forgot the occasion 'til ya brought it up."
    The two descended until Rainbow's hooves barely skimmed the tops of the trees.
    "They don't call me the best for nothing."
    "They sure don't, sugarcube. They sure don't."
    "And two years later, the exact same thing happened."
    "Yeah, it did."
    Rainbow chuckled, "I can't believe you didn't see that one coming."
    "Don't mean it wasn't the sweetest thing ya ever did for us. Proposing on Hearts and Hooves Day. I didn't think you were the type."
    The two shared a smile as they passed over the beach. Applejack coughed into Rainbow's mane and nudged her. Rainbow turned her head and met her eyes once more and Applejack nodded. Rainbow's smile disappeared in a sad understanding.
    It's time.
    Rainbow pushed forward into the sky with all her might, setting her course towards Sweet Apple Acres. The wind howled through her ears as she arced over Equestria.
    "Hang in there, AJ. We're almost home."
    At long last, Sweet Apple Acres came into view and Rainbow angled towards it, touching down in front of an apple tree with a perfect view of the sky and orchard laid out before it. Applejack climbed off Rainbow's back, crumpling to the ground as soon as she was free with a sickening crack.
    Right. No pain.
    Rainbow set herself down in front of Applejack and nudged their noses together.
    "Don't leave me, Applejack. Please, don't go," swallowed Rainbow, "You're all I have. You're all I want."
    Applejack's ears flattened against her head. "I'm sorry, Rainbow."
    "Please. Please, please, no."
    "Rainbow. My time is up. I'd love nothing more to spend more time with ya, but... I've had a good life— great, even, thanks to this amazin' pony I know."
    "I... I... I can't do this without you."
    "Listen to me, Rainbow. You're the greatest pony I've ever known and I know you're strong enough to make it without me. Just..." She coughed— hard. "Ya changed my life, Rainbow Dash. And I'll love you forever."
    Rainbow choked through her tears and wrapped her legs tightly around Applejack's neck. "I love you too, Applejack."
    Their lips met in one final show of affection, Applejack's last breath brushing across Rainbow's nose.
    A heart-wrenching scream pierced the still, night sky and the world fell silent as Rainbow clung to Applejack's still warm body, burying her face against it.
    "I love you too."
A Solemn Summer Night

Tags: [Romance] [Tragedy] [Sad]

Synopsis: Set a couple of decades in the future, Applejack is on death's doorstep. Having been confined to the hospital, she wants to spend her last night with her wife, Rainbow Dash, outside of the walls of the hospital— as a free pony.

The Entire Story:
Chapter One [You are Here]
Chapter Two

Inspired by "Anna" by Fox Amoore.

Also inspired by "Synchronicity" by A Hoof-ful of Dust

Also find this on:
- [Most up-to-date!]
- Google Docs [Feel free to comment and critique here!]

Author's notes:
This story probably needs some close editing, which I'll be working on. I want this to be the best it can be, so if something isn't working, it'll get changed. As such, please let me know what you think of it and what I can improve. Writing fanfiction and not vectoring or game programming? Impossible.

Edit: Chapter two has been added, completing this story.
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