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Urgh crappy parody attempt of this [link]

Smooooch ・∀・ parody with Team Fortress 2 characters Blue Spy, Red Scout, and Blue Heavy Weapons Guy :D

if I was talented enough I would totally make a full animation of it, but im not XD;;;
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Someone needs to make a full animation of a TF2 Smoooooch. I would love to see these frames in it. Also, SPAH.
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Ahaha~ I've screenshoted the whole animation, and I am actually planning to work on a TF2xsmooooch vid soon, though a bit different order with characters and so.
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Indeed, it's just a matter of free time and inspiration. : B
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The fun thing is...there's 9 characters.The vid allows us to put 9 characters in groups of three.
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Precisely, one Offensive group, one Defensive group, one Support group, and then I'll do a fourth group featuring my favorite from the three groups.
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FFFFF I'm getting the song stuck in my head.With a mental version of TF2 smooooch.
It's an ear wooooorm.
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When combining two neat things, it happens. *nodnod*
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HA!!I KNEW IT!!There's a smoooch parody of everything!
At first I thought there isn't one for TF2 yet,but now there's this.
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This is so cute!
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I have nothing witty to say like usual. D: This is awesome and ceases to amuse me. :iconimhappyplz:
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I was always hoping someone would do this :3 its an addicting song huh?
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It's like you know every single game I'm in love with xD

Love the cuteness of Scout here <3 x3
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Awwwww! Omg, this is so adorable!! <333

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You're welcome! =D
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Awesome... @A@
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I have to thank you for making this, or else I would have never seen that video and watched it 356 times in a row @-@ Its so.....ENTRANCING.
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Really Need to play this...

Cute picture

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Smooooch~ x3
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