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I wanna take you for a ride! by plua3dart
[6F] - Mononoke Princess by Vaatry
Inuyasha by Poesby
Alefvernonart DTIYS by Oshibear
Traditional Fanart-1
Rookies by suzarte01
For the kids who seek freedom... (Attack on titan) by MIGHTY-TESLA
Rorschach diary, tokyo by suzarte01
The Duel Of Red Rock by suzarte01
Traditional Originals-1
To EchoWing 07 by Somvold
2021 by Somvold
Adopt auction [open] (SB - 0) by AlinaOchpochmak
2 forms of Chizuru Mizuhara by DarthArtGalaxy
Digital Fanart-1
Commission : Warhammer DxD Issei vs Coteaz. by Alex-kellar
Hay Lin by kaeveris
#Sketch2 Hua Cheng by ttheedaa03
Ryomen Sukuna - Jujutsu Kaisen- by sommerlilly05
Digital Originals-1
Emily Kaze [OC] - The Wind Girl by Stevenstone7
- Lady Devil - by Yannapath
Pinup... by Fearts95
-Prelude- by Rorimitan-HG
Adopt 260 : Baby Mechamon XLIII | OPEN (3/9) by I5HIMARU
Dangerous training  by Akira-Devilman666
ADOPT(OPEN) by Derikka
ADOPT(CLOSED) by Derikka
Comic Manga Page
Fight scene, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Ch 1011: Wide smile by greciiagzz
Kanao tsuyuri - demonslayer by tch2036
[CM] Felix Justin and Peter by shikai1
Adoptable #6 [OPEN] by kk8ff
[OPEN] Mini Moonika Sea Series by MooniiAdopt
DAKEN - Fanart by non7579
Galactic Pearl Pack OPEN! - (2/6) -SB 10USD! by DHaro
ADOPT(OPEN) by Derikka
ADOPT(OPEN) by Derikka
OC Keeyra Anikin by DraymeDash
ADOPT(OPEN) by Derikka
ADOPT(OPEN) by Derikka
ADOPT (OPEN) by Derikka
[AUCTION - OPEN] ADOPTABLE #08 by Chinnapat13
(Open) Adopt Auction #80 by Anrig
Ramen by LitaTan
CD: My Colorful Family by HaraaJubilee
Novice Artists
Mudrock by Strartoz
Figure Photography

Mature Content

Ai Saeki by Al2017
Traditional Fanart - 2
Happy AAPI Month by KKY008
Traditional Original - 2
OC|Sketch by LeonTayo
Digital Fanart - 2
Hatsune Miku (version 1) by KitsinuDesiu
Digital Original - 2
Kie Kyoko Maid by Ganozzu
Chibi 2
Chibi Natsuki_high by DdragonArt
Digital Original 3
[OPEN] Adoptable #06 - Auction by Curvilines
Digital Fanart 3
Luke by Dreamerdayzz
Traditional Original 3
Untitled by KKY008
Traditional Fanart 3
Mina Ashido 01 (My Hero Academia) by ShadowStarr1
Traditional Original 4
The key to chaos is fear by suzarte01
Traditional Fanart4
Bleach - Kenpachi by 00000Art00000
Digital Original 4
[OPEN] Adopt Auction - Rainbow Mermaid by Alenaru
Digital Fanart 4
Tribute to Alberico Motta (1937-2019) by AntonioGuacciDraws
Traditional Original 5
ZeRes by ZeroRespect-BOT
Traditional Fanart 5
Takano Cleavage by Abridged-Satoko
Digital Original 5
AUCTION [OPEN 2/2] SUMMER by mihanvaleron
Digital Fanart 5
Daisies in Spring by Mystar21
Finished Commission by Akiyamy
Games and Animations
Kira Kosarin as Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage) by MZimmer1985
Traditional Original 6
New contest for Tora Edizioni by sunny-brook
Traditional Fanart 6
Tanjiro Kamado by Beelthand
Digital Original 6
Light-[Commission work] by mojicat19913
Digital Fanart 6
The Moon Unaware of the Dawn by greciiagzz
Traditional Original 7
[Genshin] Kaeya! by KateZabalArt
Traditional Fanart 7

Mature Content

Ange Falls on Battler Sketch by Abridged-Satoko
Digital Original 7

Mature Content

[ROUTE A3] Natsumi and Sakuya by Hell-and-Heavens
Digital Fanart 7

Mature Content

Jessica Exposed Live by Abridged-Satoko
Traditional Original 8
Autumn painting by Mis-Sora
Traditional Fanart 8
Bleach - Yoruichi by 00000Art00000
Digital Original 8
Tesa Lykia | OC Design (1st Ed.) | [TM] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Digital Fanart 8
Toutaku Chuuei by SKYF0rtress
Pixel Art
adopt auction(GIF animation)\open by weirdo39
Traditional Fanart 9

Mature Content

Ty Lee, bikini sketch by AzraelWebster
Traditional Original 9
My Oc's by sunny-brook
Digital Fanart 9

Mature Content

OPEN! YCH Auction 99 by lendi29
Digital Original 9
Ora | Defender of Tollan [Line]|[Heart of Tollan] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Chibi 2
Detroit:Become Human Chibi Stickers by Lasercats6
Comic Manga Page 2
Canvas of life Chapter 29 Page 011 by AndreaGodoy
Chibi 3
Adventures in Kanto Series - Cian by NoVaNoah

Mature Content

Digital Original 10
The Chosen One by PrehistoricDrunk
Digital Fanart 10
Nagito Komaeda by eiLCie
Traditional Original 10
Tomboy Elf Princess, Sketch by AzraelWebster
Traditional Fanart 10
Mario and Isabelle by Mystar21
Traidtional Fanart 11

Mature Content

Valentine, cleavage sketch by AzraelWebster
Traditional Original 11
Hellsing Millennium OC - Silvio Castello shades by K-Tina
Digital Fanart 11

Mature Content

Valentine, Hey There by AzraelWebster
Digital Original 11

Mature Content

Tomboy Elf Princess, Big Dress by AzraelWebster
Digital Fanart 12
Casual Momo by TheNightGamer
Digital Fanart 13
Hi!Himiko by TheNightGamer
Digital Original 12
Lime Green Girl by Linkapalm
Digital Original 13
[OC] Serenity by RealDualDragons
Traditional Fanart 12
Annie Leonhardt by LadySkarlett
Traditional Fanart 13

Mature Content

Princess Rosalina, Bikini sketch by AzraelWebster
Traditional Original 12
The Blonde Woman - Chapter 04 by Akira-Devilman666
Traditional Original 13
Mitsuri kanroji by salsdraws
Others 2
Adopt Fix Price #4 [CLOSED] by Koto51
Other 3
[Open] Adopt Auction #22 by Jillick57
Other 4
Best Friends' Best Time by Akira-Devilman666
The Blonde Woman - Chapter 03 by Akira-Devilman666
Minimalist Ino Yamanaka by eropo05 by Amego12
The Blonde Woman - Chapter 05 by Akira-Devilman666
Digital Fanart 14
Ai Ohto by KitsinuDesiu
Digital Fanart 15
MLP: Dakimakura by Lord--Opal
Digital Original 14
[OPEN] Adopt auction 01 by NytBz
Digital Original 15
Rainy Days by PunkBune
Traditional Fanart 14
Amber x Hotaru underwater date by Akira-Devilman666
Traditional Fanart 15
Asta | Black Clover (FanArt) by mitchiegloria
Traditional Original 14
Sonia Sit by HowSplendid
Traditional Original 15
The Pregening by MrSmuttyDoodles


Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 3 by AmyGiantess Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 3 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 62 3 ARMS: Miss Mechanica by Dawgweazle ARMS: Miss Mechanica :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 53 2 Sonic The Hedgehog Redesign by Dawgweazle Sonic The Hedgehog Redesign :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 68 19 Sonic The Hedgehog: Tails Redesign by Dawgweazle Sonic The Hedgehog: Tails Redesign :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 60 11 Sonic The Hedgehog: Amy Rose Redesign by Dawgweazle Sonic The Hedgehog: Amy Rose Redesign :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 66 20 Sonic The Hedgehog: Rouge Redesign by Dawgweazle Sonic The Hedgehog: Rouge Redesign :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 50 8 Excuuuse me, princess! by Dawgweazle
Mature content
Excuuuse me, princess! :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 63 2
Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 2 by AmyGiantess Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 2 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 149 3 Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight by AmyGiantess Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 64 2 Giantess Vore Future by AmyGiantess Giantess Vore Future :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 76 2 Ad Astra! #01 [OC] by MbTheGray Ad Astra! #01 [OC] :iconmbthegray:MbTheGray 77 16 Giantess Vore Shrink Jutsu 2 by AmyGiantess Giantess Vore Shrink Jutsu 2 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 102 5 Giantess Vore Shrink Jutsu by AmyGiantess
Mature content
Giantess Vore Shrink Jutsu :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 170 2
Giantess Vore Comic by AmyGiantess Giantess Vore Comic :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 243 7 Giantess Knight by AmyGiantess Giantess Knight :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 64 3 Levi Ackerman Shingeki no Kyojin by kaghofer Levi Ackerman Shingeki no Kyojin :iconkaghofer:kaghofer 3 0


Any group, Anime related it welcome to send a Affiliate! :iconblushyplz:

Group Info

For anybody and everybody who loves anime / manga (or just art in general)!.!.!
Traditional or digital, anything, submit it all! (Except journals)
Please do not submit journal entries to the group unless it's going to the gallery, they will be denied regardless of what they are,
It's nothing personal I just leave that for news/announcements for the group.

I'm very fair to everyone otherwise..I accept all work that is anime related
I love everyone's work and the hard work put into the things they make!

Basic stuffs, just be friendly to everyone and all is good!
Only thing close to a rule is soon I will be limiting most uploads to 1-2 uploads a day,
only because there are so many of you, that unlimited it a little much on some peoples messages!
Otherwise, upload away! Just for now watch any spam please<3

For some who may wonder, you're welcome to upload "mature content" as long as it has the mature block on if needed!

Questions? Message Oshibear
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Art Creation

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