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Gallery Folders

Bulma by kawacy
[+Video] Gift - Another Slice by Hyanna-Natsu
Holo City 2 by larienne
in love by Smeoow
FULL-Traditional Fanart-1
Hinata by yaela123
FULL-Traditional Originals-1
Lucy's Portrait by WhiteBETRAYAL
Jeff the Killer by Nomikhan962
[COLLAB] Miku and Sonic by Toko-To
FULL-Digital Fanart-1
Noragami by joeFJ
don't correct me by MeroNello
Taihou by lightindark4
Attack On Titan by mygamecrashed
FULL-Digital Originals-1
Frost Giant of Thrym by CaioGomides
Sharnuud Shaman by CaioGomides
Pinky by anamanalana
[Touken Ranbu] Mikazuki Munech n Kashuu Kiyomitsu by Chibi-you
Zero Chibi by MikomiKisomi
Cyan by KizKen
Comic Manga Page
Athea kallenberg with background by kaisarunggas
Snow by Kazehimeboshi
Butterfly by Kazehimeboshi
Sweet and Sour Candy [+Video] by Yoshiblu
Hinami Fueguchi by bardocosmico
miku hatsune by leen9999
Black Rock Shooter Journal Doll by EerieVisionThing
Ignia, the Fire Dragon God by KrazyKamikaze44
Yoruichi (Bikini Girl) by KrazyKamikaze44
Jidai: Routine Cleaning. Project: Keep Outers by xinillus
Hypnosis by Stavri-Symeonidou
The Moon Princess and the Stitchpunk Spirit by StitchpunkGem

Mature Content

Toru bad joke . momo big butt by nightmarexbx
Love Live! - Valentine's Day Maid Rin x Maki by Xeno-Photography
So many targets, so little time. by RizzyCosArt
CHIBIS TOTEM Birthday Greeting Card by Stavri-Symeonidou
Advancement by Strartoz
Novice Artists
Rena Ryuugu by WitchOffMiracles
Figure Photography

Mature Content

Kanna Yuzuki figure 3 by Impmon282
FULL-Traditional Fanart - 2
Santa by starfire808
FULL-Traditional Original - 2
kuroshitsuji wip by Miiyorin
FULL-Digital Fanart - 2
Princess Mononoke by Anadia-Chan
FULL-Digital Original - 2
Maeve by agifarclor
Chibi 2
RWBY Weiss Schnee Chibi Time skip Version by Harukajarts
FULL-Digital Original 3
SnowColor Miku by KeyNight by KeyNight
FULL-Digital Fanart 3

Mature Content

Patreon - Nintendo arts by Flowerxl
FULL-Traditional Original 3
FULL-Traditional Fanart 3
+SM - Princess Serenity + by larienne
FULL-Traditional Original 4
Valentines Gifts by Nigzblackman
FULL-Traditional Fanart4
Gentleman by Nakuru-Nebelung
FULL-Digital Original 4
History Assurance Squad Gym by quamp
FULL-Digital Fanart 4
emiya shirou -fate staynight by YoshiTrainer
FULL-Traditional Original 5
Green by Sabento
FULL-Traditional Fanart 5
Dragonball x One Piece crossover (pencil drawing) by sani91
FULL-Digital Original 5
Commission - Falling leaves of Crimson by NezuPanda
FULL-Digital Fanart 5
Connections, Evolution and Time by Talexior
Chibi Spellcaster, Cheyenne by BerrieBlosym
Games and Animations
Murasaki Shikibu (fate) by Ikkikung
FULL-Traditional Original 6
Dera Staph!(?) by Senpai-Hero
FULL-Traditional Fanart 6
FULL-Digital Original 6
Green Eyes by Talexior
FULL-Digital Fanart 6
Coloured Pokemon by Stacona
FULL - Traditional Original 7
FULL - Traditional Fanart 7
Touka [ongoing 3] by Flowrant
FULL - Digital Original 7
FULL - Digital Fanart 7
Winter!Amy by thebigblackdevil5
FULL Traditional Original 8
Pokemon starter sketch by ViivaVanity
FULL Traditional Fanart 8
57895367 by EarthXXII
FULL Digital Original 8
FULL Digital Fanart 8
Yin by Lurxneat
Pixel Art
.:AoT / SnK:. Higher Coward by SleepingAyumu
FULL Traditional Fanart 9
Adoptable [OPEN] by Yokina-Miko
FULL Traditional Original 9
Holding Him Watercolor Version by JulSarmiento
FULL Digital Fanart 9
Dance on Ice by EndlessRz
FULL Digital Original 9
Chibi Hermes Costello Render by N00dleChan
Chibi 2
[CLOSED] Random adopts 14-15 [SP / lowered] by aririzia
Comic Manga Page 2
Canvas of Life Chapter 18 page 018 by AndreaGodoy
Chibi 3
FULL Digital Original 10
100% by DearB
FULL Digital Fanart 10
Impetus by joyamu
FULL Traditional Original 10
Isn't this suppose to be a kids game? by YamiJK
FULL Traditional Fanart 10
Speed-o-sound sonic by bluestargamin
FULL Traidtional Fanart 11
#18 - Run Girl, Run by CGominha
FULL Traditional Original 11
The Goliath no.1 by Bannikure
FULL Digital Fanart 11
Samus Aran by logancure
FULL Digital Original 11
love letter by onuyre
FULL Digital Fanart 12
Chuyun by Stellapola
FULL Digital Fanart 13
Ochako Ururaka - My Hero Academia by Oskar-Draws
Digital Original 12
Cerulea-blue by Cerulea-blue
Digital Original 13
[Commission] AdarkerNEMISIS_Kanato Dolsrin by reef-meizer
Traditional Fanart 12
Death Note by i-am-rik
Traditional Fanart 13
[CM] M x A by Yuiannii
Traditional Original 12
Cosmic Angel Alula by Aluaria
Traditional Original 13
.:GoT:. Believe in Nothing by SleepingAyumu
Others 2
Saber by nyanHARUMIsan
Other 3
Amber by baichha
Other 4
Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan) by Hicham-DigitalArt
CLOSED Auction Adoptable: Devilgirl (Paypal) by lololoxvi
[comm] Echo and Sol by NORDBASTARD
Rukia - Bleach (Sketch) by 1121994
Digital Fanart 14
Alita Battle Angel [RFL19] by Rosuke97
Digital Fanart 15
Digital Original 14
Digital Original 15
Traditional Fanart 14
Traditional Fanart 15
Traditional Original 14
Traditional Original 15


Any group, Anime related it welcome to send a Affiliate! :iconblushyplz:

Group Info

For anybody and everybody who loves anime / manga!.!.!
Traditional or digital, anything, sumbit it all! (Except journals)
Please do not submit journal entries to the group unless it's going to the gallery, they will be denied regardless of what they are,
It's nothing personal I just leave that for news/announcements for the group.

I'm very fair to everyone otherwise..I accept all work that is anime related
I love everyone's work and the hard work put into the things they make!

Basic stuffs, just be friendly to everyone and all is good!
Only thing close to a rule is soon I will be limiting most uploads to 1-2 uploads a day,
only because there are so many of you, that unlimited it a little much on some peoples messages!
Otherwise, upload away! Just for now watch any spam please<3

For some who may wonder, you're welcome to upload "mature content" as long as it has the mature block on if needed!
Founded 8 Years ago
Aug 16, 2011


Group Focus
Art Creation

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17,064 Members
13,045 Watchers
281,225 Pageviews
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Whether you sat down and thought about it or just have a current life goal you are trying to reach. Tell us what it is!
Having goals is something that can help motivate and inspire you to do better and try harder, at least I think so...

Small or big, I'd love to know what you guys set as your goals starting off this year!

To keep it fair, my goal is to manage my time better.
I work more then I can keep track of and sometimes feel like I lose days of the week.
My inspiration and motivation levels are high this month and with that I want to tackle sorting my life out.
I want to spend more time doing more of the things I love and spending time with the people in my life.

No matter how busy life gets, don't forget the important people in your life.
The most important one being yourself, your happiness and your health is in your hands!
Always be sure to take care of yourself.

Not to confuse anyone when I respond to everyone,
my alt account is :iconoshibear:
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voeza Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MaxSasori Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello everyone, I'm opening some commissions slots. 
Here's all the information and some of my drawings, in case you want your characters to be drawn in my own style ! 

Have a wonderful day !

Commission [OPEN] 

Gpjshgfj543 by MaxSasori   Y5y7f656hg5dizephlkh3.jpeg by MaxSasori   65465liuoug849652 by MaxSasori 65168ezquvgdcrjg by MaxSasori  
EruSaint29 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist

I open commission from $10 to $30
but if you create new Character Design you need to pay more $10
and here my sample:
Second Commission from Hoseok by EruSaint29   Sucubus Rika Commission from Hoseok by EruSaint29   Zoology Commission by EruSaint29   Commission from Cassive by EruSaint29   Sweet Gift!! by EruSaint29  

and if you need clear more info you can check my Journal commission info
here :
JulpiArt Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Asuna Yuuki by JulpiArt  
EruSaint29 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I open comission from $5 to $25 
but if you create new Character Design you need to pay more $10
and here my sample:
Second Commission from Hoseok by EruSaint29   Sucubus Rika Commission from Hoseok by EruSaint29   Zoology Commission by EruSaint29   Commission from Cassive by EruSaint29   Sweet Gift!! by EruSaint29  

and if you need clear more info you can check my Journal commission info
here :
BloodyoOwl Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2019  New Deviant
[OPEN] Adopt #6 by BloodyoOwl  
nightbear-shio Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
HellooO~ please check out my deviantart page for more arts   
Ochako Uraraka x Ran Mitake crossover by nightbear-shio   Marie (OC) by nightbear-shio   Nero Claudius - Emperor of rose by nightbear-shio   Crystal by nightbear-shio   Miss Bunnie and captain Bobb  (OC) by nightbear-shio  
Kaoru-Ku Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2019  Student Digital Artist
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