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The General's Daughter
The Tale of Kraven Ergeist
The General's Daughter

By Kraven Ergeist
Chapter One
In another part of the world, strife was brewing. In the capital city that presided over the Human lands, Cromwell, son of the king who had just barely lead the armies of the Three Kingdoms to victory against the Thalian Island's army of war mages, saving their estranged allies, the Elves, from certain doom, had inherited his father's legacy, and all the problems that came with it. In spite of the effort on the part of the Three Kingdoms in aiding the fair folk in their time of need, tension between the Humans and the Elves had remained even to this day, for the Elves had long lives and long memories, and did not come to decisions quickly or rashly.
Once, long ago, the Humans and the Elves had lived in harmony. Those were the days when the Three Kingdoms owed their glory to Draco Delphinus, the mercenary turned general turned national hero and public icon, whose noble actions inspired hope and goodwi
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Dan Xander
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United States
I define creativity as more than just a love for a particular craft. What I feel isn't the longing to create for the sake of creating. For me, the result is what counts. When I feel creative, what I feel is that there is something lacking in the world. There is something, something very specific, that absolutely needs to exist. And it doesn't exist yet, so I need to create it.

By any means necessary.
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The Tale of Kraven Ergeist

Summary posted:…


I have a black and white Evangelion wallpaper that needs coloring! Any takers would be most appreciated! -…

~User Information~

Aliases: Kraven Ergeist, Draco Delphinus, Udon

Born: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

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Occupation: Biohazard

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Interests: You wouldn't be interested...

Relationship Status: I'd love to go out with you, but my imaginary girlfriend wouldn't like that.

~Lemon Fan Fiction~

WARNING! -- Lemon fiction is fan fiction that contains adult material! So if you are underage or are offended by adult material, please refrain from reading these!

Natural Curiosity -…
"Nephilim are odd creatures. When Kaworu tries to better understand them, he finds himself becoming increasingly drawn to Rei, and her to him. Kaworu x Rei"
Evangelion - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

The Price of Love -…
"Tsunade makes a little bet with Naruto. But will she end up regretting it in the end? Naruto x Tsunade"
Naruto - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

Starting Again -…
"Three years after Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd and Sheena meet up, and begin what could have happened once upon a time. Lloyd x Sheena"
Tales of Symphonia - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

Fortify -…
"Ichigo collapses during his training for Bankai. It's up to Yoruichi to nurse him back to health. Ichigo x Yoruichi"
Bleach - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

Birthday Wish -…
"Lemon side story to my Nadesico fan fic "Romance of the Stars," an Akito x Ruri fic."
Nadesico - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

Temptation -…
"Just a little remake of Karura's visit to Hakuoro's chambers... Hakuoro x Karura"
Utawarerumono - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

Ask a Stupid Question... -…
"After some time working with the Black Lagoon Company, Rock learns the hard way why it's not a good idea to ask stupid questions. Rock x Revy."
Black Lagoon - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

Experimentation -…
"Side story to my Haruhi fic "Mythos," a Kyon x Yuki fic."
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

(Re)-Habilitation -…
"Lemon side story to my Halo fan fic "When You Need Me," a Master Chief x Cortana fic."
Halo - Fiction Rated NC-17 - Romance

~Other Works~

- Fan Fiction:

Fan Fiction and other literary works available in my scraps folder here:…

Like the fanfiction you see here? You can view more of my fanfics on here -…

- Anime Music Videos:

Check out my AMV's on here -… or on YouTube here -…

1. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to Nightwish's Ghost Love Score -…

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion to Avenue Q's Schadenfreude -…

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion to Rammstein's Feuer Frei -…


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Send me a note for a request! I only do pixel art weapons/machines and the like, as well as fan fiction from the list of favorites beneath.

- Current Requests:

1. :iconpsychokittyboy: - Hand Claws

2. :iconfernicar: - El Verdugo Scythe

3. :iconarvalis: - Flintlock Sword, Zweihander, Dual Barrelled Flintlock Pistol

4. :iconphynix: - Duo Hilde Lemon

5. :iconval4s: - Mai-HiME Haruka/Shizuru Rival Humor Fic

6. :iconyunasakura: - Cutesy Handgun

7. :icongryphowizardgirl: - Scimitar w/ Greenish blood channel

- My Requests:

1. Anime Art, 5 characters - Teen Titans dressed as FFVII characters. Robin as Cloud, Starfire as Aeris, Cyborg as Barret, Raven as Vincent, and Beast Boy as Red XIII (Or rather, Green XIII ^_^) (Currently being worked on by totalrandomness -- you're awesome, TR!)

2. Anime Art, 2 characters - Cloud from FFVII and Siegfried from Soul Calibur, and their two massive swords, w/ mutual thought bubble: "Oh, yeah, *he's* not compensating for anything..." (Also being worked on by KingV -- You are THE most awesome artist on this site!!!)

3. Anime Art, 2 characters - Another one of my characters: Gates, an anime style Cowboy, with a western cowboy hat, a torn, hoodless brown cloak that envelopes his entire upper body, passive ageless eyes, and a lot of guns. He rides a "Steed" (A motorcycle) and is known by a different name in whichever town he goes. The reason for this is that whenever he dies, he is reincarnated as someone else, but he keeps his face and his memories. He is known as Stark, Cage, Gore, Vern, but his actual name is Quantas Quynn. His story involves a pilgrimage to the "west" which turns out to be a technological marvel of a city, a sharp contrast to his western style hometown of Higashi. On the motorcycle with him is Mariah, his love interest, a girl of red hair and green eyes. (Currenly being worked on my Relydazed -- Thanks a bunch!)

4. Anime Art, 4 characters - characters in my Star Wars fic - in front, the antagonist, Jak, a dark haired man with twin curved hilt red lightsabers that he weilds reverse style, holding the blades in a cross before his chest. To the left, the protagonist, a Grey Jedi named Serge. He weilds a red lightsaber that belonged to the woman he loved. To the right, Kim, a red twi'lek with a blue lightsaber. And in back, Master Solace, a Saber Master with three double bladed lightsaber orbiting him, one red, one blue, one purple.

5. Anime Art, 4 characters - The Four Divine Bodies: Terra, Goddess of the Earth, Nova, Goddess of the Sun, Stella, Goddess of the Stars, and Luna, Goddess of the Moon. The Goddess of the Earth has her arms crossed over her chest, her palms facing inward. The Goddess of the Star has her arms crossed over her chest, but with her palms facing outward. The Goddess of the Sun has her arms stretched up and out over her head, her palms facing outward. The Goddess of the Moon has her arms spread downward and out, her palms facing outward.


- Anime Series:

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Full Metal Alchemist
Martian Succesor Nadesico
Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Code Geass
King of Bandits Jing
Gundam X
08th MS Team
Kino's Journey
Ergo Proxy
Black Lagoon
Full Metal Panic: Fummofu, The Second Raid
Happy Lesson
Digimon Tamers
Big O

- Anime Movies:

FFVII: Advent Children
Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness
FMA: Conqueror of Shambala
Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Door
G-Wing: Endless Waltz
Eva: Death and Rebirth, End of Evangelion
Miyazaki: Mononoke Hime, Howl's Moving Castle
Shinkai: Voices From a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days

- American Cartoons:

Teen Titans
Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Boondocks
Venture Brothers
Code Lyoko
Batman Beyond
Swat Kats

- American Movies

Fight Club
Princess Bride
Office Space
Superman Returns
Batman Begins
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Quentin Tarantino: Hero, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Sin City
Dinsey:Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Mulan, Hercules,The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, Alladin
Star Trek: Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis
Star Wars Hexology
The Matrix Trilogy
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Back to the Future Trilogy

- Games:

Super Smash Brothers: Melee
Soul Calibur
Final Fantasy VII
Tales of Symphonia
Prince of Persia
Fire Emblem

- Authors:

Orson Scott Card
Timothy Zahn
Mercedes Lackey
Terry Brooks
James Clemens
Eoin Colfer
Brian Jacques
K.A. Applegate
Christopher Paolini
Takeshi Matsuoka

- Web Comics:

Applegeeks -
Candi -
Cool Cat Studio -
Ctrl-Alt-Del -…
Darken -
Dueling Analogs -
Exterminatus Now -
Full Frontal Nerdity -…
Grim Tales From Down Below -
Hellbound -…
Kagerou -
Least I Could Do -
Megatokyo -
Misfile -
No Pink Ponies -
Pointless -
Power Puff Girls Doujin -
Questionable Content -
Real Life -
Rooster Teeth Comics -
Valkyrie Yuuki -
Inverloch -
Tsunami Channel -…
DM of the Rings -…
VG Cats -
Zap In Space -

- Quotes:

"When life gives you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back, and let the world wonder how you did it."

"If at first you don't succeed, redefine success."

"Jesus loves everybody. Too bad everyone else hates your guts."

"My Karma ran over your Dogma."

"I'm not evil - I have the heart of a little girl! In a jar! On my desk!"

Who am I...? Why am I here...? Why is that guy's tongue stuck in the VCR...?"

"Some poeple are like slinkies: Not really good for anything, but you can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs..."

"Marriages are made in heaven. But then again, so are thunder, lightning, tornadoes and hail."

"The problem with shit is that it has a tendency to happen."

"Have I mentioned that I hate all forms of life?"
-Me, after walking home in the rain

"It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but it doesn't take any to just sit there with a dumb look on your face."
-Despair, inc.

"Hard work often pays off after time, but but laziness always pays off now."
-Despair, inc.

"That which doesn't kill you postpones the inevitable."
-Despair, inc.

"It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black."
-Despair, inc.

"The downside of being better than everyone else is that people tend to think you're pretentious."
-Despair, inc.

"Some people dream of success, while other poeple live to crush those dreams."
-Despair, inc.

"You can do anything you set your mind to when you have the vision, determination, and an endless uspply of expendable labor."
-Despair, inc.

"I figured out what's wrong with my life: It's other poeple."

"There are two kinds of people I cannot stand: People who are intollerant of other people's ethnicities...and the Dutch!"
-Nigel Powers

"You *have* the right to remain silent! What you lack is the capacity!"

"You're not drunk enough until you have to grab the grass to keep from falling off the Earth..."
-Doug Benson

"You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred."
- Woody Allen

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
-Arthur Schopenhauer

"People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news."
-AJ Liebling

"Why are you so deeply opposed to the disapearance of the human race?"
-a friend of Albert Einstein

"War does not determine who is right, it determines who is left."
- Chinese Proverb

"There is no man luckier than he who believes himself so."
-German Proverb



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