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Akali, The Rogue Assassin


I have a lot to do for work and commissions, but yesterday was an awesome day for League News, the new rework of Akali was announced, and, like what happened with the rework of Twitch (many years ago) and Swain, I FELT IN LOVE WITH THIS DESIGN!!!! The team of Riot did an awesome awesome work, actually a possible top 5 waifu material? XD

I loved the design SO much that a drawing of her was a "must do", and her it is!! It took me a lot of time finding a pose, actually not bad for doing it in the same day of it's release, normally I took 2 to 3 days on doing this kind of chibis, it took a lot of work but I ended with an awesome result, what do you think? let me know

Also, I did kind of a combination of the Style I use on Kai'Sa Art and the old LoL chibi works, is not a complete chibi, but I think it looks good in this way, but you will tell if it was worth or not.

Hope you like it!!!! 

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Huge fan of her in this art style!!!
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Thanks! glad you like it! :D