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     She picked up the knife with a curious wonder upon her face. Her eyes pooled on the shimmering blade as she turned it in her hand to watch the light reflect off of it.
     Then she looked around the room...

     At the Others.

     They were all looking back at her.

     She hated them. She knew she was better than they were and they hated her for that, just as she hated them.

     How they looked at her from all angles! How they mimicked her! And how she stood with one foot just outside of reality!

     They encircled the room completely. They never slept.

     She burst into tears suddenly and stood up...

     The Others did likewise, mocking and matching her every move.

     She threw the knife at one of Them and they all mimicked the move precisely.

     When the knife hit, the Other shattered like glass and collapsed to the floor, leaving a black void where the Other once stood.

     ... Daddy had told her many years ago when she was a little girl that this might happen someday, but she never listened to Daddy because he was always right about things.

     But Daddy no longer mattered because he was dead, killed by the Others, and was no longer there to explain things to her. Besides, she was a big girl now and didn't need him anymore...

     Or such were her thoughts at this moment.

     She walked over to the shattered Other as the rest of Them matched her action and picked up a piece of the glass. She stared intent, curious at it for a moment and then caught a glimpse of the reflection....

     It was one of THEM!

     She screamed as unknown emotions swept through her, engulfed in horrors she refused to comprehend.
     The Other in the reflection mocked the look of horror on her face and as she swung around, the rest of Them did also, each with the same look of shock and terror on their faces, taunting her. She picked up the knife which lay amongst hundred of glass shards, all reflecting Them. Filled with horror and insanity she stabbed herself in the heart, pulled out the blade and collapsed on the floor, dying. She looked at the bloody knife and cried.

     She could see one of Them staring back at her through the red stained blade.

     The other began to laugh and she found herself laughing too....

     Her vision faded slowly to blackness and she smiled...

     She would be with Daddy soon and he would explain everything to her....
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wow i like it a loooooooooot!!!!