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Cooger and Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury

'The train itself appeared, link by link, engine, coal-car, and numerous and numbered all asleep-
and-slumbering-dream filled cars that followed the firefly-sparked chum, chant, drowsy
autumn hearthfire roar. Hellfires flushed the stunned hills. Even at this remote view, one
imagined men with buffalo-haunched arms shovelling black meteor falls of coal into the open
boilers of the engine.
The engine!' 

MoCity Locomotive…
DH-Textures Looming Doom…
FairieGoodMother Witch Conveyance…
dbszabo1 Smoke…
Textures, Composites, Lighting, Coloring and old-school techniques are my own...


Thanks for looking :eye::eye:

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*Entry for the ThumbHub chat Movement Contest
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is this new holy god.
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lol, Dark is my god :D 
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spooooooky.  trains creep me out lol
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OMFG This is so awesomee!! :nuu:
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thank you! i'm happy you like it :D
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awesome! thank you :D
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Black smoke rises on the engine number ten, the boilers are stoked, pressures are good for its capable trucks to turn, as the fire leaps from the hatch one more scoop to the fire and she's ready to go.

As the whistle blows she starts to move, all aboard, has been sounded and all clear for the next journey to begin.

The engineer pulls the lever and the brakes let loose as the chug starts slow then faster for she has a heavy load, as its used to, just treat her rite and she'll go forever.

A labor of love for the seasoned engender, this is his engine and he knows every sound, take her for another ride she wants to stride for a while, you've done your job, now its her time to shine.

Yes, I like it, thank you for the insperation, for it didn't exist until I saw your masterpiece.
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ah thank you :bow: 
it's always excellent to read your reviews :D
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Really like this.  Love the story too!  Great work with it! 
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Thank you! It's probably my favorite Bradbury story :D
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You're welcome!  Mine too! :)
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Great work :D

Not familiar with the work cited (Disney?) but sounds also like the wonderful book "The Celestial Steam-Locomotive" in the Fang the Gnome series.
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Thank you! You know who the writer Ray Bradbury was? It's from his novel :)
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Oh right! Cool. Yes, I know who Ray Bradbury was :D thanks!
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