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Right now I'm putting my self on some kind of "Anatomy" self training.. Yep, lately I lose my self confidence to draw 'cause of sudden awaken of my hell stupidity at drawing proportionally..

I've just bought an amazing book.. I got  a strong feeling that this book will help me draw better..

I believe that once somebody understood anatomy well, his capacity in turning the idea into stunning pictures will expand drastically..

So, I'm training guys.. Lol ^^ hopefully this works well..
I'll submit some of pictures that fail anatomically so you can score how weird it is
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Please accept my biggest apologies for showing up very rarely recently...
I've just started my first high school year this month, and it really takes my time..
I can neither online nor draw often anymore..*sob sob
I miss holiday.. -.-
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Hi everyone, I'm backk ^o^
fiuh, it was a very nice trip...

tomorrow I'll be heading back to school after this long holiday ^^

I'll finish all 'debts' asapp

nice to meet you all again =D
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I haven't visited DA since 5 days ago.. to many things happened that prevent me from touching my computer..

and now, from tomorrow until Thursday, I'll be gone for a trip to West Java.. means off for several days again...

AAAA, I'll miss you so much DA, I'll miss you guys, I'll miss all of your super drawings... Q.Q
I wish I could stay at home

I'm also so sorry for some requests that still on pending... I'll definitely finish all of them after I got home.
Roxas, some running OCs, Kagamine Len and Rin, My version of Hatsune Miku, etc

Please note me if you need anything..
I'll give the reply on Friday 8th June

Bye all, I'll miss online on DA =')
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no no no!! *dead
I'm sinking deeper into this damn laziness...
Really want to draw, but just can't

anyone has advice? what am I suppose to do to get my self become diligent in drawing?
Now, I have my leisure time after having my last  final exams in junior high school. (next period I will be in senior high school). There is so much time to spare that makes me ran out of idea to fill it.

I was thinking about opening commission to gain points so i can upgrade my DA page into premium membership so it may look "nicer"..
But I don't have enough self confidence that i can do this and make it goes well.
First, I'm clumsy and reckless that I really only draw when the mood comes. Next, I don't know how much I should prized the drawings<how much for black and white or color> something like that. Any idea?

and the most funny reason is, I'm afraid that my skill is not yet worth enough to open commission. hya ha ha

So, what do you think?
should I open commission or
should I not

will you get interested and ask me for a commission if I open it?

Please leave comments. Anything it is will do help me a lot..
thank you =D
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Today my beloved pal who has been always told me to submit my drawings to deviantart and wanted me to be active here, deactivated her own account.

before this worst thing happened, she already clean up all her pictures from her gallery. I gave my self to do anything in order to make her submit her drawings again.
She told me to watch "Inazuma Eleven", the stupidest soccer movie i've ever seen even I enjoy it.
and she promised to be active again..
i need here to be here because she is my inspiration to draw.

You know what happened next?!!
This afternoon she told me that she had made some difference in her account.. i felt really excited to know what it is... So, at lunch break, I got her to accompany me to go to the computer lab and check out what she had done..

She typed her DA address and we wait together...
a few seconds later, word DIACTIVATED appeared on the monitor.. i thought maybe there's something wrong then i looked at her..
She just smilling..
innocently. toward me.

then i realized what was going on..
i ran out of words, and started to smack here out of the way.

arrgghhh,Geez!!SHE HAS BEEN BETRAYING ME!!!!!

*For YOU if you read this.. don't you ever forget about my curse on your teeth!
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drawing is life...
drawing is what my life for...
all these exams, impede my desire!!!

I'll draw to the max of my hand capacity after these final exams...

can't wait to submit something...
the other reason is, I've left my latest mood which is drawn very well in Hurting Skill... that was a really hard time back then..

now, i feel very optimistic!! the air of happiness has come to fill up my lungs!!...

well, 8 days to go...

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Hi all...
I'm just testing how to use and write a journal...

"what are you doing with that notebook?"
"I'm trying to write a journal in deviantart."
"Oh, cut that off!! do your works, lazy cow!! don't just playing around!!"
"Ok, mam... sorry..." (work, work)
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