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Here is another strange girl! A little amateur witch. Looks like something went horribly wrong.... or right? ^^
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"Doe not Call Up Any that Ye Cannote Putte Down..."

You should create a movie with this theme

Rani209's avatar

I want to know that spell

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always read the fine print when trying to summon things!

SoloX90's avatar

Love it when these things don;t work out!

koeimuse's avatar

a w e s o m e

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Took me a while to track down the original artist. Love the style you got
batgirl1969's avatar
mess with the magic and luck and you may get a surprise F#%K!!
SoundofthedarK's avatar
So that's what happens when you're out of troll fat.
Xenovolve's avatar

Really cool concept. Had a laught with that

Songbreeze741's avatar
Third time this week. Better hit the books a little harder...
Unless of course this is exactly what they wanted~

Very nice
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Well, it worked.
Step One: summon a demon, total success.
Step Two: figure out how to unsummon a demon
ReasonIDrink's avatar
Step Three: profit
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you have to learn somehow...
kayak79's avatar
Hilarious! xD
VEVictor's avatar
Mmmmmmm she looks very ticklish hehe ;)
Doctor-Discord's avatar
Someone made a bad mistake, or was successful beyond what they intended.
stoicalycharged's avatar
her facial expression is just so perfect. you really captured her fright! hopefully she can get out of it!
dcharron's avatar
She summoned a hentai monster! lol
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