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One Day Like This

Inspired by Elbow's 'Day Like This'

Model stock thanks to :iconpepstock:

Floral Vector around model thanks to :iconvictorme:

Vector top left
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Nh0cTyler's avatar
oh so cool, I like this color ^__^
D-Guru's avatar
nice composition
hafoot's avatar
Another brilliant piece :+fav:

The colours make a lot of impact and i like the cloud vectors you've used in the top corner :)
rock-errr's avatar
Very bright and cool work!
stoning-staring's avatar
nice sense of depth =)
charli1403's avatar
lovin the angles and the colour combinations are really punchy (little bit jealous...heehee) :) xx
Krak-Fox's avatar
only a lil? ;) lol. thanks for the good vibes!
charli1403's avatar
where do you find the best stock images on here? I'm havin trouble knowing where to look! x
Krak-Fox's avatar
at the home page is a Resources and Stock images link - search criteria for what you need.

Model shots can be a bit naff, so try Much cheapness!
charli1403's avatar
anythings gotta b cheaper than istock!
Krak-Fox's avatar
yeah, the models in ascension, sunshine, fire in sky etc were all from stockxpert and cost a few dollars each! :)
charli1403's avatar
awesome its payday friday ill be treatin' myself to some stock (what a sad act lol) :)
BrettUK's avatar
Nice piece mate!
Krak-Fox's avatar
cheers dude. Wanted to try a 'sunnier' piece to contrast the 'Black' one.
Karolaczka's avatar
great as alyways :)
Krak-Fox's avatar
3wyl's avatar
I like the solidity of it. The font and background really captivate me. :nod:
Krak-Fox's avatar
:) thanks matey!
EvolveRed's avatar
very nice. inspirational

are the 5 lines under the model cgi/photoshop, or is that like a rug?
Krak-Fox's avatar
duplicate of the lines behind her then perspective added.
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