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Change Vista Default Folder

By Kraishan
Here it comes,, and the ugly folder icon dies away.

The rar files contains the folder icon that you need to get this thing right. The credit goes to WindowsNET, a great artist here, for creating the awesome icons for windows vista.

The Method:

1- You need TuneUp Styler 2009 ( found in TuneUp Utilities 2009 ) to replace your Ugly Vista Defalut Icon with Windows 7 Awesome Icon.

2- Open TuneUp Styler then goes to System Elements and then Explorer.

3- Replace (Folder Open ) and (Folder closed) with the new icon (which is included in the rar file).

4- Apply and then exit.

That is all, sound and safe.

Note (1): Before doing this, save and keep the icon in a file in your hard drive and never change the place of that file.

Note (2): You can change all of your system icons using the same program. There are many awesome new icons in this forum but I do recommend WindowsNET and Fedia's icons. They are genuine. :)

Thank you for your time.
© 2009 - 2021 Kraishan
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Could you give me link to your wallpaper ? (Preferred resolution 1280x1024)
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Thanks Kraishan. I tried method one and it has worked perfectly. My folders look awesome now! Top marks
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Welcome Back Harrelson :) Everything is perfect. Now, I f you want File folders (which are not empty) to have the same icon, do the following:

Method one:

1- right click on the file folder, then properties, then costumise.
2- click change icon, then browse and then go to the directory where you keep your icon and apply it again.
3- In this case, the File folder will have the new icon, even if you add new stuf to it. (This is the way i use myself) :)

Method Two:

1- Go to my computer, then Orginize (in the left corner).
2- from the drop menu choose folder option.
3- in folder option go to view (second tap).
4-Tick the first option you have in the menu ( ALWAYS SHOW ICONS, Never Thumnails) and then ok and apply.
5- In this case all File folders (full and empty) will get the new icon look.
THE bad thing about method 2 is that your video, picture and music files wont anymore show thumnails (pics).

I do recommend method one, it is the best. :)

I hope this will help.. Thank you Harrelson for your time and comments. Tell me how thigs go with you. Wanna hear good news:).
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Hi. I use TuneUp Styler 2009. I have copied the windows7 icon into windows/system32 and applied it from there for both folders.

Closed folders have acquired the new icon but open folders have the old vista icon. When i check icon properties, it shows the windows7 icon. Confusing??

See the screenshots



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Hello Harrelson, :)

You should not have this problem. What is the program you use to apply the icon? Do you have vista or xp? and could you please attach a pic to explain exactly what is going on. Thank you:)
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It works for me but some folders still retain the old vista look. I have tried restarting the laptop and restoring the default icons and then re-applying new icon but some don't change? any suggestions
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where can i find the wallpaper? :lol:
You do release this is the Visual Style section?

I don't understand how people get it wrong.
I like the vista folder because when it is on the desktop you see like a thumbnail or whats in it these dont have it.
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I have the latest version of both progs, + prefer IP over TIP files, it's so much easier to work with :) but whatever floats ur boat. m8, I was looking for new VS instead of an ad for TU.
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Thank you all for your comments :)

As for gymenii, TuneUp Styler can do the same, i mean it can change the whole thing (icons) at once. The good thing is that It has more options and more utilities to costumise other stuff such as logon screen, bootscreen and visual style. I have submitted the VS (THE SAME AS THE ONE IN THE PIC) in another topic. Search for Vista Theme + best Colour. :)

As for Celluar the great, I think yes it can be applied to windows xp since TuneUp styler is compatible with both Xp and Vista. I am really sorry that I dont have Xp to try it but the logic says yes. Hope it works for you and thank you for your interest. :)
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Would this work for xp?
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where's the VS?

Iconpackager is way better.

Better section to post this --> icons, misc!
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...or you use "iconpackager" and change just all :lol:...
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