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Romania in the EU

a strip i made for a contest.
i made it to second place and won a photo camera , if you would see who won first place you would shit yourself laughing *i think*

here`s the link : [link]
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Soooo good! great artwork :)
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thank you thank you thank you very much :D
did you really understand it because many people who looked at it thought they couldn`t really understand the message.
oh well if you have time to tell me anyway thanx anyway :)
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Umm, well from what I got from that, the man in the first blocks is in romania (correct me if i'm wrong), and so it's illustrating that it's poorer or payed less attention than the other places in Europe.
If I'm wrong, then at least you got to know about how another person views it XD.

Great art work! really. How long did it take to draw? I really like your style, it's unique and great to look at :)
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yeah , you got the idea spot on , sorry if i was too demanding with critique :)) (i was particularly stoned at that moment and very egotistical).

oh well i wasn`t necessarily commenting on Romania , but the usual east european countries.
anyway as i said before other countries shouldn`t actually -help- per se poorer countries , but try and teach them administration skills and tell them that they should be united and try working harder and bla bla. :)

it took about 2 or 3 days to finish , with let`s say 8 or 9 hours of work .
i`m not really satisfied with my style but thanx :D
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You should be satisfied with it! I'd do anything to have a unique style. Mine just looks so..mainstream right now. If I try and make it look quirky it looks baddd. Lol. great work!
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Oh, and that by him holding the sign up with the stars...he's kind of crying out to the other places in Europe to pay attention, and help out.
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Really great work
Nice work. You were robbed.
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thanx. :))
why was i robbed ?
It is a figure of speech. It means that first place was rightfully yours, but was stolen from you. Your work expressed a truth that some people do not want to think about or acknowledge.
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I believe too that the first one was chosen because it was one of those "flowers and sun" work. Artists always got this problem, I believe :) This is very well done and deserved first place, indeed.
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This is really beautifully drawn and it has a great solemn atmosphere but the message is maybe a little hard to unravel. What exactly are you trying to get across with this?

I'm really not a fan of the winner either. You shoulda won.
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i was aiming at the fucked and the rest of the governing EU countries aren`t kind of idea.
i know it`s not very user friendly OR easy to understand i liked the idea at the time and wanted to express this because i felt this was the best i could do right then.
`nyways from now on i`m playing it safe when it comes to stuff that`s touchy.
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I don't think you should play it too safe per se. An interesting angle and something strong to say will always win out in the end. Just make sure the message is clear and readable and you're away.
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let me guess the contest was about the EU? :)
great style!
Just one thing I don't understand: who are the people in the end? A Romanian family I guess, but to me it's not fully clear.

anyway... why not link the comic that did the first place? laughing is healthy! :)
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yeah... maybe i lost because it wasn`t pretty clear what the message was about.
*added link*
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oh my goooood!
must change underpants!

blimey! how did they give that thing a first price... maybe beacuse it wasn't saying anything...
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yeah ... maybe ,mine was to direct and didn`t have that ``let`s pretend everything is okay and join hands on a large field of green`` kind of approuch... i was really dissapointed though , the first prize won a trip to bruxelles =/
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well... let's see if we can make up for that with the NoWords contest :)
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hehe , hopefully , can i post the comic ? i mean is it against the rules ? `cuz i didn`t see anywhere stating such ...
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oh well, *super-sheep posted his a couple of days ago...
We only want the comics to be unpublished, we don't want you to keep them hidden from the world! :)
post it, I'll make a journal with all the NoWords related stories made here on DA soon!
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