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The Path: Werewolf by KraeleAndBremon The Path: Werewolf :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 1 0 The Path: Cloud Wolf by KraeleAndBremon The Path: Cloud Wolf :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 5 2
Tales from the Boxers
Once upon a time, there was a lovely little sausage named Ridrick. He was a carpenter of many trades, including gold digging and dust pandling. Living by the vast mountains of Bigmountain, he usually enjoyed prancing around in a field of fresh-cut spring flowers that spewd across a babbling brook with a hint of marmalade.
Ridrick was a very dashing and young man, barely the age of twenty-three summers past a moon. He had short, blonde hair and green-beige eyes that sparkled in the sun. He usually walked around with his shirt off, allowing his vast six-pack to ripple in the wind. He had a pair of kacky cargo shorts that he wore with him at all times. Since, he didn't believe in shoes, his feet were as bare as a baby's behind when it was being spanked.
Once on a bright, but cloudy day, he skipped down to the mountain's creek where he saw a yak as large as a sailboat eating grass. Ridrick felt sorry for the grass and kindly asked the yak to stop before the army of Cloy Aikens came and sta
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Jack Sparrow on Darwin
Jack Sparrow lectures on Natural Selection/Darwin's Origin of Species.
Why in Davy Jone's Locker do I have a lab coat on? Oh, best not to be sayin' that name. We're not wantin' a repeat of what happened last time.
Now where's me rum. Someone hand me my rum. *Student passes him a bottle.*
Now what was I talkin' about? Oh yeah, this 'ere…natural…selection. *Reading off the chalkboard.*
So some chap named Charles Darwin back in the 16 or 1700's was wantin' to cause a bit of a stir so he made up this story about how we all came from monkeys. I don't give him much credit, personally. Anyone who's wantin' to come from monkeys is callin' himself a monkey and anyone whose wantin' to call himself a monkey can go live in a zoo.
I assume since none of us here are rushin' to live in a zoo, we don't think of ourselves as monkeys and therefore, not coming from monkeys as well. So after this Darwin says all of that, the church gets all up on him. They say we couldn't be comin' from monkeys
:iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 1 2
PP 1: Dead Spark's Cave
Looking into the bleak depths of Dead Spark's Cave, Rob once again cursed his decision to choose it as the next destination for his paranormal investigations. The cave was deeply set into a moss-blanketed incline in a forest preserve an hour from the town where he lived. The dreary evening fog cast a thick haze over the trees, drowning out what little sunlight tried to penetrate it. None of the light would ever touch the inner regions of the cave.
The name “Dead Spark” came from an aged, local legend that a devil or demon lived inside that attacked anyone who tried to make a fire inside the cave. It would “strike just as the first sparks appeared and extinguish both the flame and the maker”, or so told the tale. It was a story that Rob planned to challenge.
He pocketed a box of matches and grabbed a bundle of dry sticks prepared especially for the trial. Stepping into the shadows brought a horrible sense of loneliness to Rob and he switched on the camera's flashligh
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Monkburg Investigations Chp. 2
Chp. 2 He'll Eat a Bug to Sell You a Deal
I reached down to adjust the slit of my Chinese Dress for what seemed like the one-hundredth time that evening. It kept sliding up my thigh higher than I liked.  The Able Sisters had made it pretty tight, not that any of the animals would have cared. They weren't interested in human legs.  I had my regular Green Glasses balanced on the edge of my noses and my hair was pulled back into a bun. It had taken me at least three trips to Shampoodle's to get something that didn't make me look like a hooker or someone off an old cartoon.
Punchy and I were in the line of the Marquee with tickets to see Dr. Shrunk's newest show, "Disinterest."; We were probably a bit too dressed up in comparison to those around us, but Punchy had claimed it was necessary to keep up the image of a couple ready for a special night. He was wearing a Tuxedo, a special form GracieGrace. It hung loosely off his thin frame and his fur was ruffled in some plac
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The Monkburg Investigations
“You don’t think you could have gotten it here any faster, do you, WHONK?” The elephant was turning the red roll of wallpaper in his hands, surreptitiously checking for signs of dirt stains or other damage. He had deep blue, leathery skin with wide eyes and buck teeth, now turned downwards in a disappointed frown. Or at least as disappointed as an elephant who wore heart-print shirts everyday of his life could get.
I tried not to roll my eyes at his new tick and forced my semi-sincere smile to stay where it was. It was like the animals in this town were holding a contest to see who could come up with the most ridiculous catch phrase. Conversation was annoying when words like, “quacker” and “kerPOW!” kept popping up at the end of every other sentence. Some of these ticks were cute, I have to admit, but I was still glad that none of them expected me to adopt the fad. I was a human in a town full of animals. There were some rules and customs that stayed
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Introduction by KraeleAndBremon Introduction :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 0 0
Harbert's Story
Chp. 1 The Conception of Acorem
The night that the child of Armaegeddone was conceived was a dark night for all of Hatanis. Against everything that the lands had believed possible, the Xenoric Mysts spread from the western home of the Skall and blanketed the lands east. The people felt the fog like a solid hand caressing their skin and the malevolent force drove them back into their homes. The Mysts blotted out the Sun so that not even a single ray could be seen. The serene lands of Layliru and Sunren grew as dark as the land of Xenora on a regular day. The Merdak Desert seemed bleak and barren. Silence pervaded in the hours after the Mysts overtook Hanatis. It was so overpowering that animals cowered in their holes and the waters of Robin Lake stilled. In their country, the Skall humbled themselves to the earth and gathered at the shrines where giant totems shaped in Armaegeddone’s likeness lit up as if from a fire within. The Nagas watched from a distance, unsure whether they co
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Rapier-Color by KraeleAndBremon Rapier-Color :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 0 2 Invented Line Wall by KraeleAndBremon Invented Line Wall :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 0 1 High Contrast by KraeleAndBremon High Contrast :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 0 2 Foreshortened Snake by KraeleAndBremon Foreshortened Snake :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 0 1 A Fowl World by KraeleAndBremon A Fowl World :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 0 1 Class Portrait by KraeleAndBremon Class Portrait :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 1 1 Merlin Ghoust by KraeleAndBremon Merlin Ghoust :iconkraeleandbremon:KraeleAndBremon 1 1


Impostress by Blightedrat Impostress :iconblightedrat:Blightedrat 18 6 Monster by Childofdune Monster :iconchildofdune:Childofdune 1,039 211 Commish:Vicente D'Avila by doubleleaf Commish:Vicente D'Avila :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 2,765 242 Baby Reshiram and Zekrom by arkeis-pokemon Baby Reshiram and Zekrom :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 7,579 1,316 Litwick+Lampent+Chandelure by Foureyedalien Litwick+Lampent+Chandelure :iconfoureyedalien:Foureyedalien 2,312 379
Kave's Dream for snapesnogger
Kave looked around him, taking in his surroundings with a quizzical expression. Branches and vines swept toward the ground, some brushing the dark earth with delicate rustles in the lightest of breezes. The forest canopy blocked out the majority of sunlight so he couldn’t tell what time of day it was, but the tropical humidity clinging to the air made him guess it was late afternoon.
The place felt so familiar, yet he couldn’t understand why. He was sure that he would remember a place like this, with the serenity and absolute quiet resting like a thick blanket over the tree-covered expanse.
His head snapped to the side when the break of a twig sounded, seeming impossibly loud in the silence. He wasn’t alone. Somewhere amongst the trees, obscured by the branches and leaves, he spotted a lock of midnight blue hair and the sudden flash of light against a scale.
No, it can’t be… he hastily pushed back the foliage separating him from the stranger and felt his
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ACII_I believe I can f-- by LadyGT ACII_I believe I can f-- :iconladygt:LadyGT 4,463 541 arctic fox by zenibyfajnie arctic fox :iconzenibyfajnie:zenibyfajnie 5,611 401 Temptation by alexiuss Temptation :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 6,468 789 End and Beginning of Wildernes by MissSparkle1 End and Beginning of Wildernes :iconmisssparkle1:MissSparkle1 44 27 Spiritomb by Lordstevie Spiritomb :iconlordstevie:Lordstevie 855 96 Will Turner Gets Drunk by Shmivv Will Turner Gets Drunk :iconshmivv:Shmivv 367 131 Edgeworth Snaps -OMG COLORZ- by ZombiePixie Edgeworth Snaps -OMG COLORZ- :iconzombiepixie:ZombiePixie 1,456 354 Ace Attornies by JohnSu Ace Attornies :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 10,496 1,524



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This is awesome. Finally something that's following the trend of all those officially published WoW books. The book is called the Ghosts of Ascalon and it actually looks interesting!…

Of course there prolly won't be any slash in it. T_T I've considered my fanfic, Wo Zhao Ni, to be long enough to get published, but do to the dangers of the Guild Wars lawyers coming in and kidnapping me because of copyright infringement, I decided to stick with posting the chapters on

Still, I'm looking forward to the book. It looks like it will be sticking to the first campaign rather than Factions or Nightfall, which is a shame because some of my fav characters and places are in those campaigns. :(
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