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I felt the emoticon world still lacks a proper expression of healthy uncontrolled primordial rage. Enjoy!

But don't go too close... The guy bites...

BTW, can you see the Megan Fox hidden in the picture? Come on, just turn your head, flip your monitor, turn the lights on (or off), and squint. It's easy!
DISCLAIMER: This COULD BE a joke. But go on and squint. Never lose hope.


Available in SuperdAmn! Write :fu: to use it!
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This guy just got trolled good :trollface:
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all i say to this is LOL u mad? Troll!!! lolitrollu Troll Troll Face Icon
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this is what I need.
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This is amazing. I couldn't stop laughing. xD
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how do u make ur icon ?
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I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I got your question. Are you asking how I made this emoticon? :)
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It's not very hard. My best suggestion is to have a look at #Emotication. They have lots of useful tutorials to get you started in short time!
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ffuuuuuuuuu :paranoid:
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AWSOME, but :fu: your skills are to good:fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:
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Yay, thanks! :)
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Your welcome but I still think what I wrote
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And it doesn't work!
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Of course it does. ;) It works in dAmn if you have SuperdAmn.
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It works in what?
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dAmn. It's the deviantART chat network. If you have the SuperdAmn script installed, you can use :fu: in chat.
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Oh, now to find that chat...*looks around*
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