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Published: July 18, 2009
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:iconjeneara: and I are putting together little nick-nacks. A small series of which will be some colorful anthro-fruits charms. For bracelets and such.

The final size will be a little smaller than the shrunk version, but any thoughts or feedback on it would be great. Too complex? Too small? Too fruit-tastic?
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Vixen8387 General Artist
What would they be made of?? i can totally see these on them shinky discs (like what used to come in nutella and stuff back in the 90's) comes big and put it in the oven and it shrinks and goes hard! XD

I's love a pineapple ^o^
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hehe, that looks awesome! Its cute and colorful and whimsical! XD
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KradenProfessional Digital Artist
We're planning on it. And putting them in de store.
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I feel that it is not as obvious to someone looking at it that the fruit is supposed to be a super star or even an anthropomorphic character.

It however did make me want to take a second look at it so it did capture my attention which could work well on little items to be worn.
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KradenProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. I'll still edit the leg bu feel better about the composition now.
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Lord-IvanHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is beautiful.

Almost too awesome to eat D
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KradenProfessional Digital Artist
You could eat his music...
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Lord-IvanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmmmm, yummy yummy metaphysics...
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SOOO CUTE *flail*

It'd make a really cute button. Or sticker! As a keychain or charm type thing, it might be good to make it in a couple different sizes. Maybe one a bit bigger than that (for keychains and such), and one a bit smaller (for jewelry!)

But the dancin' pineapple's super-cute =)
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KradenProfessional Digital Artist
Planning on small charm, large charm and sticker XD
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Kins-WolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
So... how much did it take for Carnival to get you to do this one XD???

Neh, kidding. But nah, this thing looks awesome :)! Just right the way you've got it if ya ask me.
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thats cool man but mady just a tad biger.
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*nods in agreement with tankard-2* there is a little bit too much going on there to be that small.

But it’s still cute.

Maybe make the mike bigger as it will be easy to make out when its small. As a pendant ppl will only see it for less than one second. (I make a lot of small stuff… it needs to be very simple.)

I love your comic stile. I can never give my animals emotion, let alone making fruit have emotion. Good work :)

*lots of Sqwee’s and hugs*
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I want a super star sing pineapple!
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Cosmeon Digital Artist
EEEEP! You broke reality! XD
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SarugamiHobbyist General Artist
Eeeeeh! I want it! >w< Supah pinapplllllle~ :D
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KradenProfessional Digital Artist


Signature = teh ROCK
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SarugamiHobbyist General Artist
:D Hehee, thanks!
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Lookin good - whilst I like it and the concept, I can't help but feel like the left leg seems a tad bit out of place.

I think with this style, one leg looks like fruit, whilst the other looks like a leg. Whereas both arms are borderline looking like leaves, or something abstract like additional fin-like things.

I think if its going to be shrunk it down, removing the left leg will give way to making a stronger silhouette (by having only one leg). Also, the reason I suggest one leg, is because to me it kinda resembles a carrot crossed with a pineapple - both in which have only one top and one bottom, with no limbs on a literal sense.

I also think that as a single legged creature that is so happy in its pose, it'd most likely appeal to audience's tastes as 'cute'.

However, if its more derived from a carrot (think of its 'long' shape), I'd suggest one leg. If its more derived from a pineapple (think of its texture), I'd suggest getting a rounder body and having legs using the same 'type' of object as the arms - to denote limbs all as one clear category.

I kinda mention this because if it'll go on bracelets n stuff, its gotta be eye-catching to a degree. So the (left) leg overlapped in the viewer's perspective (like what you have here) will be already very hard to notice - especially if from a distance.

An additional darker outline around the eye might also help the eye stand out, too. In the smaller version, it may be slightly harder to differentiate because the blue and orange is of a relatively similar brightness, hence you might consider either darkening the line work of the eye.

Sorry this longer and more in depth than what you asked for - nevertheless, hope this helps with some thoughts/feedback.

Keep it up, bud. And welcome back.
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KradenProfessional Digital Artist
Actually it's exactly the kind-o feedbork I was hoping for. Thank you.
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Splinter-Cell37Hobbyist Filmographer
Bit more tracing on the left leg, maybe a line from the star around his face as though they are glasses perhaps?

But really, AWESOME. ;D
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