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Lysozyme Trade - Pool Fight

Since the Uni break is here I thought I'd start on my list of overdue trades and comissions.
This was a promised trade I did with an old friend *Lysozyme, who I did my first ever trade with back when I first joined DA.

It's based off his half here -> [link]

I used that new coloring style again, I think it turned out well but any opinions would be great.

Don't ever mess with Kangaroos.
They have Daemonic Pool Noodles at their beck and call. :O_O:
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I just realized neither of these furs are wearing swimsuits.
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lol that's a really good short comic XD I love it its cute
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bahahahaha i LMFAO'd thats good
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ROFL!!! This is pure gold! I love water noodle fights! XD
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LMAO this is hilarious! XD
walter-the-furry's avatar
thats just mean TT^TT

poor guy
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But funny as hell! XD
walter-the-furry's avatar
its funny of course
but the girl takes it to far -_-
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No, I get that way in pool wars a lot. "Cmere, dear! Huck-hyuck-hyuck! *WHOP* Dear? Where are you?"
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i usally sink to the bottem of the pool
and u can say meditate
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I do that too, lol. My little bro likes to play Whack a Kitty with me. *SMACK* "Omfg-" *PLUNK* "GASP!!! *Pant* What- where-" *WHAP* "D'oh!" *WHACK* *SLAP* "Umph!" *glubber*
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if i ever i get to a water war in the pool i always win

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Whereas I like to put on a show for the fun of it. I also enjoy returning the favor with TWICE the force!
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dive underwater for your life Kraden! DX
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I love this,their expressions are priceless!

Ohh,the paaaiiin!
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LOL "Noodle-o-Doom"
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