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Design Hero Magazine

By Kraden
This is the third project, a cover design for our mock-magazine cover project.
The image is from an earlier submission here

And comments on layout or style improvements would be appreciated.
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© 2009 - 2021 Kraden
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woah nice work man. awesome
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lets just say the design really came out like a pro styler
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<3 BobbieJean!

The layout looks quite balances, honey. It's visually pleasing.
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my suggestion is to lighten the black layer under the text "new wave designers"
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Uni class said the same thing, thankyou
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=3 I'm in a web-designing class... A slightly transparent background is great, If you have a non-interesting picture underneath; that picture is VERY INTERESTING, therefore you need to define the area around the text by a box; but the box needs to be very transparent to define both the area around the text and let you see the picture. I also recommend a thick border around the bar-code. =3

P.S. the Text over the box doesn't need to be transparent at all. If you give a little bit of transparency to the viewer, they want it all. The best thing to do is make it "Pop" by leaving it fully nontranslucent.
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Awesome looking. I actually came to this page to congratulate you for getting published. ^^;
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Oooooh niice touch with the price an barcode in the corners
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Birth of a Hero for the win ^^
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A solid layout and design.

Well balanced and not over crowded. It also frames the central figure well. Where the H E and the hand interesct works well with the semingly interaction of the desintergrating letters and ripling wallpaper really draws your eye to the title.
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it looks real professional man good one!
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Great style man, but you mis-spelled competitive.
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I read over it five times. I think I just forgot how to spell it XD
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I'm not a professional but from my times of doing yearbook I have to say this layout looks superb :).
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