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Icceeeee Creeeaaammmm

A commission I've been working on for a while.
Lord Sombra is brought back to life by Nightmare frost, and defeats the Mane6.
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voncikama's avatar
Rainbow dash is a little bit angry
SnuggleFactory's avatar
Aww no! not Rarities mane and tail!
Nice piece though :)
Kraden's avatar
I felt so guilty cutting it off!
svolozhanin7's avatar
Damn you Amore You blew it! If Amore not only switches on "Celestia mode", everything that happened in the season 3 premiere could have been avoided!
svolozhanin7's avatar
FIENDship is Magic #1 She went out "April 1" is the "official comic book series" tells "the main villains" is a link to Sombra --->…
SiberianPizza's avatar
You know, Rarity could just stab her with her horn now.
Kraden's avatar
..secret sneak attack?
Kitcat36's avatar
This makes me want to cry...
Kraden's avatar
I felt bad making it too!
SavageLunare's avatar
*meanwhile in another universe*
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Badass! Yes, seconding "this is what happens when Spike's not around." I love the epic look of this.

Sombra better watch his back, though. As pointed out elsewhere, last time AJ was captured and forced to mine crystals (back in the G1 comics), she put the bad guy out of his misery, permanent-like.
GryphonStar5678's avatar
It strange that you mentioned Spike, because I think he would be the most mad at this, do to Rarity's mane suffering the most
Kraden's avatar
Dang, really?
StringPetounPing's avatar
I wonder what Rainbow Dash did to earn a muzzle like that.
SavageLunare's avatar
Probably cuss words?
StringPetounPing's avatar
I didn't think that Sombra as so sensitives ears. Well, too bad for Rainbow Dash.
BoneSatellite's avatar
This is what happens when you don't have a dragon backing you up.
Kraden's avatar
Point +1 for Spike
FralLeman's avatar
... With sex. That dark, smug sonavabich forgot about Spike, Hero of the Crystal Empire.  He's got three days tops.

Also, he had to muzzle Dash, but it looks like he put leg chains on only Rarity?  If he didn't put any on AJ, then he's down to two days.
MARoy's avatar
the experssions and the emotions through this piece are just amazing 
Kraden's avatar
Thanks dude :)
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But that didn't really happen, now did it?
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