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Hello all - this year's been such a busy one that I'd love to write out some thoughts on what's happened so far (sometimes even I forget, ha!) - and also what's slated for the future, so you get a sneak peek at what's going on behind the scenes. :heart:

Little Foolery 10th Anniversiary by kradeelav
(January) LITTLE FOOLERY 10th Anniversary
Little Foolery is a writer/artist creative webring that I've admired since I was a teenager on here - and so when I was invited for the dream project of drawing for them, how could I say no?  This was an illustration of one of their stories - "Last Call at the Camelia Club"; spicy, but so worth the read.

About + Links by kradeelav
What with the recent crackdowns on social media and R18 drawings, I made a permanent website for all of my works; that way if tumblr or even dA goes down, you always have a reliable site and RSS feeds to fall back on.  Truth be told, it does feel relieving to have that backup, and I recommend doing the same for any established artist.

SUPER-ABLED Anthology Cover by kradeelav
I was asked to draw a cover for this lovely anthology that had kickass superhero stories about (and by) folks with disabilities - they've actually already blow past their kickstarter goal as of writing this, but you can still support them at the link above!

My print/book shop on Hivemill is officially live - as of now there’s a BUNCH of postcards, prints, sketchbooks, and t-shirts!  (Later this year I’m aiming to add more zines, standeeds, (and a specific mousepad :P ) so there’ll be more coming as well~ In the meantime, feel free to take a gander!

What's coming soon ...
  • CREATION MYTHS: Inspired by classic horror and Evangelion-esque surrealism, CREATION MYTHS is a 8-page story in the upcoming MONSTER MASHUP anthology; featuring Frankenstein, the Steam Man, & a mysterious woman whose paths cross (and clash) unexpectedly in the cracks of time. This has been an unbelievably fun project that I can't wait to show you soon.
  • IRON CROWN [REDACTED]: I'm hoping to finish Ch2 by mid-year; and before Ch3 starts ... big secret plans are definitely involved for this comic. :3 
Thanks for being there - I do appreciate it. :heart:

- krad
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In the last month, I've been at work making a separate 'sketchbook' site as my most complete artblog/NSFW art backup mirror!

It's not a portfolio - already have one as it serves a different purpose. But it _is_ about as early 00's webring-y as I could get with RSS feeds and a guestbook you can sign - short of inserting iframes! Trying to capture the bare-bones wonder of trawling through old fandom sites, as well as giving my NSFW art a platform that'll never go down, especially with the recent tumblr purges.  Please take a look, and I hope you enjoy!

Still will upload art here on dA; to clarify - but count this as a backup you can easily hook up with your RSS reader if you're an oldie like me. :) 


Regarding commissions - I wrote a longer $1+ patreon post on this (…), but public commissions are being sunset to better focus on some big projects this year! From now until March 1st, this will be your LAST CHANCE to grab a commission.

(To clarify, I've truly loved every one of my commissions; this is purely a "how many hours in a day do I efficiently have?" type of decision, and actually good news at that. Means there's biiiiig fish coming down the pipe~)

- krad
twitter / art tumblr
Journals were strangely a blast to make in the heyday here ... even if mini essays on tumblr took over that sort of blogging itch, I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a new one here.  : ]  Anyone got any fun meme quizzes/questionaires for old time's sake?

Somehow skipped right over my 10th anniversary on dA, too - been a wild ride, and if I'm completely honest, dA has overall been my favorite of the "social media" sites from day one.  Just enough carryin' on with high fives, plz accounts, and llama silliness, but also just enough focus on the art and works everyone posted on here that the creation-part never felt secondary.  In quite a few indirect ways, dA basically shaped my art career from a fan that drew too many Sephiroths and Ziharks (hah) to a full time designer that can actually afford an apartment (!!!) with a published webcomic on the side.   Bananas, innit?

Anyhow, there's a fair number of you that followed me from those early days, and so here's a shout out for sticking with me thick and thin.  :heart:  To many more years of creating cool stuff ... and maybe sliding in a fan piece every now and then.  ;)

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Super super excited to (finally) officially announce that IC has just launched on Hiveworks!!!!!  :]  

IRON CROWN is my new action-adventure webcomic about mercs, monsters, and a dictator’s daughter fleeing a coup …  with all of the above making a stand against a much darker enemy on the horizon.  There’s silly antics with an adorable pug, vain-villains-turned-very-reluctant-protagonists galore, and badass mercenary ladies that inadvertedly make a found family in each other.

Inspired by the question of ‘what would it be like for a dictatorʼs daughter to survive a coup, and … what happens afterwards?’, and likewise with ‘what makes a monster?IC has been the passion project lately, with myself as the  artist/writer~! (honestly feels a little unreal to be writing this now, haha.)

Interested? Start reading the 16 page completed prolouge on! ★

Warning for new readers:  please note this comic is for 15+ audiences for (gun-) violence, infrequent body horror, & language  - likewise it deals with general war themes. Specific tag warnings will be provided in the update posts here on tumblr, but not elsewhere.  While research has been done, sensitive readers might want to pass on this ~

A heartfelt thank you to y’all in the tumblr crew for the encouragement and support!!!  ;___; 

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tldr; version of the past year:
  • krad got a swanky full time design job! (Whooho!)
  • krad also signed on with Hiveworks (a spiffy webcomics publisher) to make the webcomic-in-the-works: Iron Crown! (YEAH!!)
As mentioned elsewhere, IC is slated for release at the end of this year, so I'll be making a post (or few) about that as the launch date gets closer.  : )

In the meantime, have a mini FAQ:

Q: Give me the basics!

Iron Crown is an action-adventure webcomic written and drawn by yours truly, and published through Hiveworks as mentioned above - a platform with tons of comics from nearly every genre, all for free.  (go check them out!)   If you're a fan of shows and movies like Legend of Korra and Atlantis: The Lost Empire, you'll probably dig the angle of this as well.

Q: Cool!  What is it about?

"She’s a dictator’s daughter on the run after the country collapsed; he’s an ancient demon of war bound by the mystical dagger she carries.  Along with an colorful company of mercenaries hired by her late father, they join forces to hunt down the one menace that started the invasion: ex-Judge Abraxas.  Will they stop him in time before he unleashes an even greater danger?“

Take a look at the ongoing Iron Crown doodle-tag if you’re interested in seeing more!

Q: Where did it all come from?

IC was - in all honesty - started from my interest in the WW2-era/military history in general, and with the question of “what would happen to a dictator’s daughter after a coup?”  A large chunk of the themes are about her uncovering the really nasty crimes her father was up to, survival against political enemies who would have an _inconvenience_ removed (or worse, use her as a tool for their agendas) - and in general - finding her place in the world with solid companions at her back.

There’s also her quest for revenge, and slightly unhinged vain as heck demons and mercenaries as her allies because why not.

(that’s just how we roll, here.)


I’d be happy to answer any other questions (that don’t fall into spoiler territory, naturally).   Otherwise, look for more updates here and on my tumblr/twitter - there’s an 13 page prologue that’ll be up (by the end of this year), so it'll be a lot to chew on at once!

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Was doing some house cleaning around here when it hit me that it's been nine years since I've joined.  There's a lot of things that have changed, but it's so rad that I've known a handful of you for that long, and vice versa.  (Not so rad that some of you probably know just how bad my first uploads were, haha!) 

Had no idea that getting into fanart on here would eventually lead to an interest in wayfinding/architectural design, go figure!  This past year was doing a lot of contract work and finding out just how much design actually covers; what a web designer does is literally a different industry altogether than what a toy packaging designer does (I may or may not have worked with some cool people who did packaging work for A Particularly Massive Sci-Fi Franchise that you're probably familiar with : D ), and so on.

Still not sure what exactly the future's going to entail, but it's fun doing design work with fandom shenanigans on the side; given a year or two to rebuild my print selection, and I might even go back to the con circuit.  (AWA and DragonCon were such good memories.)

Something to look forward to for you Fire Emblem peeps in particular: There's a Path of Radiance anthology that's being wrapped up and should be on sale soon - there's more information here and here

Y'all take care, and be sure to drink plenty of water!  (It's the details that count, okay.)
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