What should I draw?
21 votes
More Final Fantasy VII
More Final Fantasy VIII (no Rinoa XP)
More Final Fantasy X
More Kingdom Hearts (no Kairi XP)
Crack! XD
More original works
Try some new fandoms already (please specify)
I don't care as long as it's yaoi
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By Krad
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Me being... well, -me-, I had to cast my vote for more KH (Riku/Sora! Leon/Cloud! Ee! <3), and it seems the majority is agreeing with me so far, but in all honesty, I don't care so much -what- you draw as long as you're drawing. ^^ I love your style to little bits and pieces, and will still be around looking at and fangirling (and hopefully commenting on, though I am notoriously bad at that >.<;) your stuff even if it's in a fandom I don't know of or don't care for ^^ So... In conclusion, I'm all for seeing more KH art from you, but whatever you do end up drawing, I'll love regardless. :3 <3
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More Sephy/Cloud! I will love you forevereverever.
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or some original....love your stuff ^^
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ff8 no rinoa , kingdom hearts no kairi and ffx ( with yuna cuz she's cool )