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I have a card game that I've been working on for a while.  24 cards are printed out and can be purchased at a site.  It has many game modes, which require the use of either the dice or a game board.  It has elements from D&D, Yugioh, Magic.  Not many people follow the facebook page but if you are interested here it is…

I don't accept much friend requests but you could follow me
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:star: Please read everything before asking any questions:star:
:star: Please check my gallery before commissioning-highly recommended :star:

:bulletred: hentai/romance
:bulletred: anime/manga unless its manly/macho

:bulletyellow: For PERSONAL USE ONLY
:bulletyellow: You can make multiple commissions at once
:bulletyellow: NO CANCELING/REFUNDS after payment
:bulletyellow: If for any reason I feel like I'm unable to complete your commission I will refund you (other than that NO REFUNDS; no exceptions either)
:bulletyellow: You can cancel your order before you pay but not after

:bulletgreen: Paypal (commissioner will be responsible for paypal fee
:bulletgreen: Money order (how to fill one out…)
:bulletgreen: Points (unless a complex image is drawn on 11x17 paper)

PRICES: All Prices are base price and in USD
POINTS: 80 :points: is roughly equal to $1 USD

Headshots    $3 or 200 points
Half body     $6 or 500 points
Full body      $9 or 800 points
Additional Characters  $1 each or 80 points
Kracov the Forgotten by Kracov Chyderok by Kracov

complex clothing/armors/details  $1.50 or 100 points
pet/creature (depending on complexity) $3 or 250 points

Background Options:
Simple BG: free
Scene/ complex BG: $3-5 or 200-400 points
Doom by Kracov

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

:bulletblue: To commission me send me a note with the order form (see below; This is required)
:bulletblue: If I accept your order then I will send you the price
:bulletblue: If you accept the price then I will give you my paypal email address
:bulletblue: Then I will wait for payment before starting; I WILL NOT START UNTIL YOU'VE PAID
:bulletblue: Once I've received payment I will start sketching usually it takes about 1-2 weeks (depending on how busy I am)
:bulletblue: I will send you the sketch via email and wait for your approval (this is where you can tell me what to fix and change I will then resend the sketch again)
:bulletblue: maximum 3 major revisions and 7 minor revisions (not a big rule)
:bulletblue: Once approved I will start working on finishing it (will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months any longer I will note you telling you the situation)
:bulletblue: I will then send you the finished commission via email

:star:THE FORM (SEND BY NOTE):star:
Please copy and paste, keeping the text you can delete everything in parentheses

NAME: (email address)

ORDER: (state what type of commission you would like and how many commish/chara)

BG: (state type of  BG you want; please provide a detail description refs if you want a full BG scene)

Character Info: (please include chara name, DECENT references pictures only, personality, and type of pose you want; If you don't have decent references then give a detail description and links to hairstyle, outfits, and colors you want)

Payment method: (what type of payment method you want)

Permission to post on DA: (if you allow me to post it on DA and only on DA; I will decide if I want to post it or not but if you don't want me to then I won't)

Questions? Please ask all questions here and not spam my note/front page that way if someone has the same question I don't have to repeat myself.

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Starmansurfer added a lot of my work to The Infernal Depths the-infernal-depths.deviantart… , a new group about hellish or demonic artwork.  So I thought I'd pay him back by affiliating Diablo's Vault with his group.  It doesn't have much members, but i'm hoping my watchers might like it.  Take a look if you want.  

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