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Doom: Planet of the Barons

The Doom Marines fight off against the Barons of Hell

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10/10 would buy and play
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Brutal doom are not better if you dont play at doom but is just MOAR hard and MOAR GORE
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Was this inspired by that programmer (his name escapes me at the moment) that would take all the original WADS and put out isometric layout of them with every enemy spawn point and item placement? It kinda reminds me of that a little bit. Either way very good! Growing up with Doom I remember all this stuff from the original games, it's very nostalgic!
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Doom: Fall of Mars? I don't remember whether I played that game first, then made this art.  All I remember is seeing other huge pixel art scenes and wanting to make a Doom scene.
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Oh.  Nah, I definitely remember looking at pixel art scenes and that was the main inspiration.  A lot of them are way more impressive than what I made.
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Reminds me of that Doom RTS game.
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The Diablo clone was way better.  Fall of Mars.
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Yeah the doom RTS was fun but it needed work. There is no market for a true official doom RTS but I would easily play it.
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You'd think Id software would make doom mobile games by now.  They aren't even the original team.
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I hope Doom 4 ends up being decent.
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Wow :D Reminds me Zombie Shooter!
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hey Kracov at the Top Of The Picture That Marine Surrounded By barons Is that a reference To The Doom Cover ?
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Congrats on getting shared on Kotaku!

This totally reminds me of the stuff I used to mess around with back in the day. I'd jump into MS Paint and make random sprites for hours. Of course I wasn't as good back then. :P
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I was brought here by Kotaku. I absolutely adore this pixel art you've made!
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Wow, I just saw that.  Very cool that my art is at a popular website.
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Even though DooM and Wolfenstein both set the groundwork for the FPS, I would love to see this become a reality.  ID Software, take note.
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That's a loota barons.
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