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Doom Invulnerability Sphere

doom wallpaper.

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Grab this and you have no excuse not to Chainsaw or Berserk Punch everything around you...
AdemKoc's avatar
i always loved those balls, later doom games failed so hard with not having them
Ryuksiner's avatar
This is fantastic, I'd buy this and hang it on a wall if i could! Would love to see the same sorta thing done with that weird "wall of faces" texture!
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I can put it on redbubble.  The quality won't be the absolute best, but I doubt you would notice it.
Ryuksiner's avatar
Oooo, i'll tell you what i'll message you again when i've got some dosh and that sounds like a bang up idea!
DUDE this ROOKS And this Is Great Pice!! May I Ask What Program did you Use?
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photoshop cs6 at the time.  now i have a wacom tablet to help with drawing
Thanks!! can you do tutorial on this
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Well there's nothing special about it.  Have you followed photoshop tutorials before? You just find a sphere tut, find a skull, and overlay the skull on it.
Thank you and go youtube for getting the tut. For the Doom Logo its Awesome.
CaptRiskyBoots's avatar
Ah yes, the invincibility pickup. Perfect for those levels with huge hoards of demons.
showmeyourmoves54's avatar
someone needs to use this in a wad
so awesome
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It make everything go white and awesome!
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I would like to see this in the game as the opening screen.
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Now that is a strange invulnerability sphere. I wonder what will happen if I pick it up. Seeing this art after a year of abstinence (due to workstress) is like coming home. :)
Ah, I think this game influenced me a lot over the years. ;-)
mallo15's avatar
It's a skull? :o
rimrunner15's avatar
That ain't no ordinary green skull...better grab it before the demons decide to stomp your ass.
prower42's avatar
*Cyberdemon rounds the corner*
Is that an Invuln?
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