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Doom, Against Thee Wickedly

Behold your doom...

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copyright ID Software, art by Kracov,
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© 2013 - 2021 Kracov
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Oremor Nohj, me llik tsum uoy, emag eht niw ot!
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One of the best doom art work I've seen for a long time great job man.
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dude that is badass
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I swear the hell knight and baron of hell look really scary!!! Sure fooled me, awesome job dude.
Jell-o-Emperor's avatar
Game over man, game fucking over!!!
One of the scariest zelda moments... EVER. 
Dyceman's avatar
where is Spider Mastermind?
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In my next project perhaps.  Right now I'm working on a Final Doom scene with the Cyb at Tower of Babel with the flaming inferno sky.
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Oooh. I always thought that battle really should have been the finale of doom. The first and best cyberdemon. It's so much more epic than Dis and the spider. And you know it's some serious shit coming your way when you start in that room in the middle with the barons of hell on the walls, your first indication that something worse was beyond those walls. It's like the spider mastermind kind of should have been a semi-boss and the cyberdemon the final one, everything after Tower of Babel was anticlimactic. Of course in doom 2, they had the icon of sin, as you depict here. But that was kind of a copout too. They needed to have a new one that was live and not just a hole in the wall with John Romero's head behind it, and unique to that level. And a new weapon beyond the bfg in the starting room which existed only in that level. And cyberdemon corpses nailed to the walls of the starting room! Granted the weapon beyond the bfg would have required modifying the game a lot, but they should have done it, that's what it really needed there at the end, another "things just got real" realization when you start in the starting room of the last level.
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LOL sounds cool
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One of the few games where it's pointless to tell an enemy to go to Hell.
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Damn, you made me want to play the game.. :/
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Holy F**K! Awesome!
legendofspyroXcynder's avatar

hell knight and baron of hell are like twins! only color is different ;p
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That, my friend, is quite utterly exemplary in the righteous quality!

Or in otherwords... BADASS!
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Awesome! Doom never gets old! :D
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dammit how long do we have to wait for the next Doom game?
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Your artwork is amazing!
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