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Doom 2

By Kracov
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Art for the Doom 2 The Way Id Did project

Thanks to Alfonzo, esselfortium, Xaser, and Megalyth for their advice

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Why wasnt this used? it doesnt show up on D2TWID when i play it.

Kracov's avatar

I think they changed their minds... Its not my best art

Tycitron6000's avatar

Ah i guess, always found it weird there was no new art for D2TWID, i modded it in to a personal D2TWID copy myself so nothing to worry about.

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MetalImpostor's avatar
Kickass artwork, dude. Doomguy will always be my favorite action character. Can I use it for a youtube channel I'm working on? I'll give you credit and post a link in the description to your page.
Kracov's avatar
Heh sure.  But this artwork is so old it's not even my best work.  But link to instead.  thanks
MetalImpostor's avatar
I used to do art and I honestly think this is some of the best that I've seen, in terms of using a similar art style that was used in the games themselves. I'll do so with the link. Thanks a million.
Jefferson-gulla's avatar
Hell on Earth Nice
xxXMegaSloth93Xxx's avatar
Yes doom he is one sick demon slayer lol
legendofspyroXcynder's avatar
the Pain Elemental look far much better in this  drawing than the game itself! :D
this is the first time I don't get scared by that pussy :giggle:
stockbreak's avatar
god damn archvile.. as if the mastermind wasent enough
Sigfriedofgaea's avatar
They looks so much like the ones in the game!
jwilliams051197's avatar
This looks like how I draw DOOM in my comics.
99Sebuko09's avatar
I love the little arms you put on some of the monsters XD so cute!
Kracov's avatar
What? They're exactly like that in Doom 2
Exaspertory's avatar
Very nice! Still though, I'd say Doom Guy is getting a little too comfortable by standing in clear view of the friggin Arch ville- I'm not seeing any nearby cover.
keyldurey's avatar
as obvious as it could be but yet unique .
merrak's avatar
That's a pretty good pain elemental!
ChurchBoy42's avatar
The Marine. Being Badass. As he should be.
Job well done!
toasterslinger's avatar
this is seriously kick ass.
Hermitstoopid's avatar
*Brohoof of doom*
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